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Posted by Jack Davis on January 11, 1999 at 16:59:06:

Being only sand and investment experienced, I would like to learn the ceramic shell method.

My questions are:

Is the fluid just regular ceramic slip and if not what's a good outlet for the proper material? After reading John Dach's interesting method for building a Fluidized air bed, I still don't know how it operates.

Is it meant to atomize the sand and air in the upper compartment of the barrel like a dust storm? I had assumed that the shell sand and powders were put on with something resembling a sandblast nozzel of low pressure.

Can the powder/sand be applied up in the hollows of a wax cavity, where there is no need for a core?

One last ?, Where can the correct sands and shell powders be found? Thank you for any help. Jack Davis

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