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Posted by John T on November 05, 19100 at 22:24:00:

In Reply to: Re: pour finish on aluminum. posted by Tom H. on November 05, 19100 at 14:53:55:

The molds I am talking about are two part flask molds. The plaster I am using is MCP15 (metal casting plaster Low temp)

made by R&R, I like it alot. But I am having A problem with surface finish on the aluminum. matchplate makers us it as well as others but the sources Ihave talked with cast under low pressure applied to the metal apprx. 10psi, also some cast while appling a vacuum. All I have talked with make their living casting in this way and so far over the phone they are puzzled as to why I should have this problem (coarse or rough finish, not shiney like alum should be)

Also the instructions as well as those who I have talked to say to cook the mold between 350 & 400 deg F for around 12 hours depending on mold size.

John T

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