Wray Schelin demonstrates the forming of sheet metal.

Bramblebush Workroom Project

Forming Sheet Metal #1
A demonstration on forming a fender shape by edge shrinking sheet metal.

Guest demonstrator - Wray Schelin

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Wray takes us through the process of forming a shape with compound curves, which in this case happens to be a rear fender for a classic Jaguar XK automobile. As Wray explains, this technique may be applied for any purpose whether it's sculpture, furniture or something else.

Chris Ray - editor


This is my wireform reinforced buck or form which was made by first making a wireform (1/4" dia.hot roll wire)inside of a good original fender. A paste wax was applied to the inside of the original fender,the wireform reinstalled, and then bondo is spread around the wires using a putty knife.

Wireforms such as this can be quickly made so that you can copy original shapes very accurately. If you were making a original sculpture, you would first make the original design, then make a wireform/bondo mold of it.

Once you have the mold you can make many very accurate copies which can be used if you want to make a symetrical pattern, or if you want to make a series of one particular shape.

This is the steel blank (.040" thick) which is cut oversize about 1" all around, this gives you a little extra metal to play with.