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A spontaneous workshop that just happened

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The weekend before Thanksgiving, I made an unplanned trip to North Carolina to visit Enrique Vega.  What happened afterward was an unanticipated experience that seemed to have materialized out of nowhere.   You can read about this ArtMetal Collaborative below.

Chris Ray - editor

The day after my arrival at Enrique's some phone calls were made to folks who were invited to participate in what we were to call the ArtMetal Collaborative.  No particular agenda was offered other than to wear work clothes and come with an open mind and a free spirit.
Early Saturday morning, everyone began to assemble in Enrique's shop.  As the folks began to come in one by one, we then lit up the gas forge, making preparations for an adventure.  Enrique gave a short demonstration on how to use his 300lb Nazel 3B pneumatic hammer so everyone had some idea of what this machine could do.

We then set a parameter for the day's work. Each person would forge a form of their own choosing under the power hammer.  No shape was to be preplanned . The intent was to simply reveal the immediacy of a form as it was personally felt then developed under the hammer.

Heath Satow

Heath Satow and others

gas forge

Loading the gas forge

free forming under the hammer

A free form under the hammer

The premise for this work was to create in an evolutionary way, an organic work which would spring from the collective soul of the participants gathered together on this day.  It was to be a visual celebration of the spirit and concretized in a form that would mark this special occasion as a reaffirmation of the spiritual nature of our craft.  We connect with our origins through intermediaries and in this case it is the iron from the earth which we'll nourish into substance then return it to the land.


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