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A Bramblebush Workshop Project

Bending circles and arcs

with a Hossfeld bender

Chris Ray

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hossfeld bender

This is a brief introduction into the use of a Hossfeld bender, a popular machine found in many small metal working shops. This machine has many functions that belie it's very simple appearance and is one of the most versatile hand bending machines I've ever encountered. This short essay will cover just one aspect of work dealing with the making of circles and arcs.

The Hossfeld bender is set up to bend a nine inch o.d. ring out of a 3/8" round. The bend has been started and the arm is ready to be pulled around to create the curve.

In place is an 8 1/2" dia. cast iron radius die and the backing block is set close enough to hold the bar in place. It's a very simple and straight forward setup.