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Pneumatic Planishing Hammer

A shop built hammer constructed by Wray Schelin

Wray Schelin has built a pneumatic hammer from miscellaneous parts.  Incorporating a vintage fender iron which is what the power unit itself was called, then recycling the frame of an old blacksmith's drillpress to complete the process.   He then added parts to form a Pneumatic Planishing Hammer which will be described in the upcoming pages.

Wray uses this machine as part of his setup, creating new sheetmetal parts from scratch to replace components for refurbished XK Jaguars.

On the following pages, you will be shown how he has built this machine and also some of the stakes and anvils that can be used both on this unit and off.  

When  the stakes are used as hand dollies in conjunction with special tools known as slappers, he  is able to reach unaccessible parts of a car body and continue the shaping operation by hand.

Well, I'll let you turn the page and see for yourself what this person has done.

To impliment this article we have also archived an illustrated chat session on this same subject.  Different points were covered so be sure to follow up by going to the following url:

After closing the window on this link you will automatically return to this page.  I'd recommend reading this article first then going to the chat archive for a better understanding of the subject.

Chris Ray - editor


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