Favorite Metalworking Books

We've had many requests for suggested books on metalworking and I've combined a list of my favorite books plus a list from other professional metalsmith members of the ArtMetal community. The books listed are linked to the Amazon.com web site where you can order them directly from the links below. In fact, if you are considering purchasing any of these books, I would like to ask that you follow the link of the book you are interested in purchasing and ArtMetal will receive a small commission for referring you to the amazon book store when you purchase the book. It's a way that you can help us keep the artmetal.com site available on the internet as a free service to the metalworking community. If you have a favorite metalworking book that is not listed, please leave me a comment and I will add it to this listing. And if you find a book listed that you think it should not be listed as a favorite book, please let me know by commenting below.

Enjoy the knowledge of metalsmithing!

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in the book section I could not find either Maryon's METALWORK AND ENAMELLING nor Brepohl's THEORIE UND PRAXIS DES GOLDSCHMIEDS (I know there's an english translation by Charles Lewton-Brain),
have a look at http://www.pennabilli.org/libri.htm
for a review of these (and other) books.

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Mario, Thanks for turning us on to these books! I was able to add Maryon's METALWORK AND ENAMELLING book, and actually found the Theorie und Praxis des Goldschmieds book, but could not find the English translation. At least the link is here for those wanting the original French version.
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found it on amazon:
Theory and Practice of Goldsmithing (Jewelry Crafts) by Erhard Brepohl, Tim McCreight, and Charles Lewton-Brain (Hardcover - Oct 11, 2001)

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Thanks for the find!

Thanks for the find! I added Theory and Practice of Goldsmithing (Jewelry Crafts)to the favorite books listing above. If anyone has any other favorite books, please do let me know and I will add it to this growing list.
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Best book I have come

Best book I have come across. re. pattern development is 'advanced methods for sheetmetalwork' by William Cookson--published in 1975-----If anybody knows of similar--more modern publications I would be happy to know------Dick

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Best Smithin picture book

Best Smithin picture book

Anything by the late Dona Z Meilach

she has several books in print which feature work by contemporary smiths ... incredible books

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Great blacksmithing Book

I found a great newer book, especially good for beginners
Here is what it looks like:

It is called __The_Backyard_Blacksmith__
by Lorelei Sims

It is one the most understandable blacksmithing books I have found.


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this is a great book

best of all it was 24 dollars now around 6..woohoo!!

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Making a Copper Weathervane

Schiffer Publishing has just printed a book on Making a Copper Weathervane. It is available from the publisher, or on Amazon.


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Good day to all It is with

Good day to all

It is with great pleasure that I write this.

Mark Aspery has taken volume two of his "Skills of the Blacksmith" to the printers. The forecasted availability date is around one month from now.

Mark's first volume, "Mastering the Fundamentals of Blacksmithing", introduces many of the necessary skills and understanding for the blacksmith to begin the Journey.

Mark's second volume, "Mastering the Fundamentals of Leaf-Work" builds on those skills. With over 300 pages with 1,300 images, this book is the most comprehensive work on organic forms I've ever seen. In the first volume, "Mastering the Fundamentals of Blacksmithing" the basics of the stylized leaf are explored along with the making of a stylized flower.

In "Mastering the Fundamentals of Leaf-Work" Mark continues to lead us through the exploration of blacksmithing, while also introducing us to the intimacies of leaf-work. The book begins with making the necessary tools for leaf-making. Tools ranging from the crimping and leafing stakes to the forging our own leafing hammer. Those of us that have had the pleasure of taking a class with Mark, will remember, nothing is done, without first making the necessary tooling. Mark continues this tradition in his books. Between volume one and two, virtually* every tool you'll need is discussed and taught. The first organic form covered is the forged and formed rose and continues covering a multitude of leaves such as the Cottonwood and Ginkgo, cumulating with the Acanthus Leaf. Actually, the book continues with the Stylized Bird and Split work, but for me, the Acanthus Leaf and it's forge welding onto a scroll, is the cumulation of many of the skills Mark is presenting.

Among the many items I have enjoyed with Mark's writings, is he takes it beyond simply explaining what to do and helps guide you to a greater understanding of the nature of iron and how that understanding can be used while forging.

* I write virtually only because he didn't show us how to make a file.

Here's Mark's web site. http://www.markaspery.net/Home.html There you'll find all the necessary information on price and shipping.
Gerald Boggs

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Books about metalwork

Stephen Fitz-Gerald

Not sure if this is applicable but there is a wonderful new coffee table book on metal artwork utilizing forging techniques. I happen to be in it ,but that's the least reason to feature it. The other artists and work featured are truly spectacular and the book includes metal artists from all over the world.
This is a link to the publisher but Amazon has it at a significant discount.