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I tried to use the blog entry to post pictures and one thingy only lets me choose from pictures I have already posted, the other thingy only seems to be good if you have a URL. I want to post several images on my blog. I used to be able to, maybe it's a seventies thing. I also tried the "Post Image" and it lets me only post one image at a time. 

A Deadman for the Other End of My Pouring Shank


First Large Sculpture.......


This piece was accepted for the 9th annual custer stampede buffalo art auction..Realize the brass plates are askew, not the easiest thing in the world to keep straight because they were all supposed to be cut 4X4 but came back over and under 1/8 + - so being under a time constraint, went with what I had. It's on display now, but have to move it for the auction and when we do that, should be able to straighten it out some because of a little slack in the square tube that attaches to a 3/4" bar stock with two tapped 1/4" bolts and  I can bend the bar stock some also. Been to this web site for inspiration quite a few times, and always left with something positive. As you all know, putting a piece of art on public display can really cause massive doses of anxiety, this piece was so different as a free form entry that the judges decided to allow it as an entry even though some of them really did not like it, but wanted to see the finished product. At the "Meet the Artist" unveiling, most of them were like, stunned, it was a huge hit, and thankyou very much said I, to whatever god was shining on me that night.... Thanks for being here

casting finish


I have a final problem. As the image shows (down at images), the surface on my piece is filled with small black inclusions. The vents that filled during the pour don't have the problem. That's a problem I want.

Stainless handbag

Back in March, I came up to California to my metal shaping shop to work for a few months. This time I made a ladies handbag from .032 stainless. And a copper rose as well.


Stainless handbagStainless handbag

Lincoln Power MIG 140C setup for sale

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I have a Lincoln Power MIG 140C (Continuously Adjustable) setup for sale… The welder, accessories with a large new gas bottle all on a 4-wheel cart. I bought the system new about three years ago for a series of projects that didn’t come to fruition and now it just sits. There’s about eight hours of use on it. It’s very clean, all documents, practically new. I will sell the entire setup for $500.00, local pick up or reasonable meetup… Central Connecticut. Ross @ 860-267-0279

texturing ideas

hi guys i have to texture a piece of 8mm steel about 5 ft long and a funny shape! i was thinking i would clamp it to my heavy bench and heat it with the gas torch and texture sections like that, in the hope that i do not deform the plate too much.

Latest Project - so to speak

Time and the elements have finally caught up with my truck, it seems. I bought it slightly used about nine years ago because I wanted the utility body for carrying tools.  The stock rack was handy for carrying 20' lengths of steel, too.  Unfortunately, the cabinets in the utility body are just too shallow to hold a number of my tool boxes, so they wound up being carried in the cab anyway.  The utility body also costs me pretty heavily on gas mileage.   Still, it was paid for so I used it.

Anyone familiar with a Multiplaz welder?

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I ran across a pop-up ad on the web for this Multiplaz welder: (!/MultiplazUSA ) and wonder if anyone has used or heard about it. I did a search on the site thinking there might be a thread, but did not come across one.

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