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More Butterflys

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butterfly bush

metal adhesive...

has anyone used (and can recommend) a good metal adhesive? i need to stick flat smooth copper leaves to a flat smooth steel surface... i need something i can get in the uk.. any ideas? ive never used glue with metal before.


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 Butterfly by franKButterfly: Butterfly by franKHere's my first butterfly.It's made primarily using 1/4" mild steel rod.

Raiders Wind Spin

I meant this Raiders is a Wind Spin


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Yup-ee frontYup-ee frontYup-ee sideYup-ee sideThis Mask is inspired by the Yup-ik Native American Shaman Masks. The Eagle, made from steel is on the top with Trout fish made from copper are on each side of the Eagle. The hands for communicating with the Grandfathers are fashioned from steel. At the bottom are pieces of native UP Michigan copper and Native UP Michigan iron. The Face is made using Native UP Michigan White Pine with the eyes , nose and mouth made using native UP Michigan Maple knots. The ring surrounding the mask, and brackets holding the symbols are made from mild steel.

Sunday Sampler - Putting Design on the Line

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Is your design vision cloudy? Get a fresh look at what’s around you and how you can apply it to your own art – sculpture, jewelry, gardening, drawing, painting, graphics, interior space planning – whatever you create. David Caccamo, Pratt School of Art graduate and teacher of art in the Poughkeepsie School System, will challenge your innate sense of combining lines and curves in two dimensions and 3D (using copper wire.)

Moving to Las Vegas

The wife and I are embarking on a new adventure! We have been looking for a place to move to and a few months ago we went on a vacation to Las Vegas. We stayed with friends and got a chance to see the rest of the city. We liked it so much we decided to move there from Wisconsin.

Making of Brass rolling ball sculpture


Im trying to make a rolling ball sculpture out of 3mm (1/8inch) brass wire. I've tried silver soldering (called silver brazing sometimes) but the high melting temp weaken the brass wire and also change it shapes unintentionally. I use 45% silver solder by harris.

Dragon Personality

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I tried to use the blog entry to post pictures and one thingy only lets me choose from pictures I have already posted, the other thingy only seems to be good if you have a URL. I want to post several images on my blog. I used to be able to, maybe it's a seventies thing. I also tried the "Post Image" and it lets me only post one image at a time. 

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