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how to weld or join this two materials

how to weld or join the two metals stainless steel and bronze material? 

popping oxy/acetylene

hello im new on here is this the right way to start a new post?? i have used my oxy/ace on and off for years, with no real problems, welding steel and heating work with the torch sometimes to bend sections. some of my stuff got stolen a while ago and now i have a new set, the same, but now i have problems... whenever it gets to welding heat the handset pops, spraying me with molten metal.

Tinning Copper Cookware and bowls


anyone out there know of a food safe tinning compound/solution for copper - I know how to do the time honored melted tin method, but, had heard about a tinning brush-on solution and can't find one oth

Beyond the Pale: A Sculptor's Quest for Durable Outdoor Color

I'm a mixed media sculptor looking for ways to have longer lasting color outdoors. 

I would love to be able to mimic rusted metal, animal hyde/skin and tree bark etc. I've done some work with fiberglas and epoxies, but have had problems with wear, fading and cracking. I've been working with 'light interference' treatments on stainless steel, but the color selection is minimal. 

Another good friend lost.

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Sadly, I have to report that another blacksmith and all-around truly great guy had just died. My good friend Dave Boyer finally succumbed after nine years of battling colon cancer. Dave said he kept putting off the colonoscopy because he had other things he wanted do, like go cruising in his sailboat, and when he finally did get the exam done it was discovered he had colon cancer. He didn't just have cancer; it had metastasized and spread to his liver and lung. He was immediately started on an aggressive treatment plan including surgery and chemotherapy. Over the course of the next nine years Dave participated in several clinical trials of new chemotherapy drugs in an effort to keep the cancer from spreading. He finally ran out of new drugs that would work and the cancer, which by now had spread to both lungs, killed him. Fortunately, Dave only went in hospital on Easter and was moved to hospice care just a couple of days ago, so he didn't have a long and painful death.


CNC Plasma Cutter and Garden Art


I'm looking into fabricating some garden art, decorative fire pits, arbours & a few sculptures etc.  Material will be mostly mild steel, a little SS and less that 1/4" think.

Has anyone used a CNC plasma cutter for this type of work?  And if so what is your experience?  Cost vs productivity, accuracy, quality of cuts and the like.

Spring Schedule of Workshops

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Freeform Power Hammer Forging with Jon Ledford – Saturday, April 20, 2013
Our power hammer tooling and dies were set up according to the specifications of innovative blacksmith and educator Uri Hofi. Instructor Jon Ledford will show you how to make a power hammer perform acts of beauty in steel. For advanced students only. $220 includes materials. 9:30 AM- 4:30 PM

How to work out how much investment mix needed for bronze casting

Can anyone point me in the direction of a formula to calculate how much investment powder-water mix I need for the volume of my flask. For casting a sculpture in bronze.  

I cannot remember the formula and the table on the pack does not have the mix for the size I am doing.  

Soldering Thin Stainless Steel?


Hi all, I am working on a project and have to connect two thin pcs of 18 ga stainless steel together. the two pcs shown sit on top of one another to create a layered piece. I was originally going to secure the pieces to the base with fasteners, but the "stem" is only 3/32-1/8" wide in some places(which is where I would have to drill through to catch both pieces) and Im worried that my punch and drill skills might not be up to snuff for this.

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