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Anyone familiar with a Multiplaz welder?

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I ran across a pop-up ad on the web for this Multiplaz welder: (!/MultiplazUSA ) and wonder if anyone has used or heard about it. I did a search on the site thinking there might be a thread, but did not come across one.

Core material

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My castings are too heavy and I want to cast a hollow core. My concern is with the material to fill the core. Because the castings have offset cavities it's impossible to drill, scrape the core material out. Something that would dissolve sounds like the best idea. The R&R slurry material will not dissolve, at least not yet after 12 hours under water. I'm thinking plaster/silica. Heated to 1400 F will the plaster disassociate so much it can't work as a bronze barrier? Any ideas?

Playing with hinges

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Here is an effective method for tinning hard to solder metals

There have been questions here recently about soldering stainless. Plain steel is difficult to solder; stainless is worse. The difficulty lies in getting the metal tinned. What I do is to tin the metal first on both mating surfaces. Then I can join them easily later. Here is my method. It's 100% effective.

Scissor-making in China

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Check out this news story on scissor-making in China.  In the video clip, the smith puts the steel into an old brick forge and heats it - in an induction coil!

how to weld or join this two metals stainless steel and bronze material??

how to weld or join this two metals stainless steel and bronze material??

how to weld or join this two materials

how to weld or join the two metals stainless steel and bronze material? 

popping oxy/acetylene

hello im new on here is this the right way to start a new post?? i have used my oxy/ace on and off for years, with no real problems, welding steel and heating work with the torch sometimes to bend sections. some of my stuff got stolen a while ago and now i have a new set, the same, but now i have problems... whenever it gets to welding heat the handset pops, spraying me with molten metal.

Tinning Copper Cookware and bowls


anyone out there know of a food safe tinning compound/solution for copper - I know how to do the time honored melted tin method, but, had heard about a tinning brush-on solution and can't find one oth

Beyond the Pale: A Sculptor's Quest for Durable Outdoor Color

I'm a mixed media sculptor looking for ways to have longer lasting color outdoors. 

I would love to be able to mimic rusted metal, animal hyde/skin and tree bark etc. I've done some work with fiberglas and epoxies, but have had problems with wear, fading and cracking. I've been working with 'light interference' treatments on stainless steel, but the color selection is minimal. 

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