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FingerPrint Jewelry

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I have been making hand stamped jewelry for 7 years now and I just love the art of this process.  It centers me.  But as you run any successful business, you need to offer new products to keep customers buying.  I would like to offer finger print jewelry this year... but need to sub out the orders and collaborate with a true silversmith and artist.  I am not at the point right now where I want to get into that skill set, but would like to work with someone.. .I'll sell.  You make.  We each add a successful business component to our studios.  If anyone is interested in this, I am in NJ - my web site is or!/pages/SugarTops-LLC/127291599159

Getting oil off metal..

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Hello, New to the site. Hopefully someone will have answers for me..

I want to rust 14 gauge flat rolled steel. I guess there are a couple of questions... I am having the hardest time getting the oil off the newer metal so I can rust it.  I have tried acetone, thinner, de-greaser, dawn, vinegar, oven cleaner (bad stuff), and many others.  When I rinse it off after cleaning.. I can still see the oil on it! Some of the time it works... I don't want to go to the acid.. that scares me.  Is there a difference in cold rolled vs hot rolled in terms of rusting?  Any comments would be appreciated!

Learning this site

I apologize for the double posting of my images . It was my first attempt at using this site. I'll get the hang of it.

Sunflowers With a Vase, Homage to Vincent

All welded steel. Created from scrap retrieved from the dumpsters where I work. 14" x 30"

Wrought iron artwork from St.Petersburg, Russia


Hello, My name is Valerii Viunov speaking on behalf of Stack Ltd. company being the workshop of my father - Viunov Gennady. Since 1995 we create wrought iron artwork that is famous among Russian customers. We exported our artwork to France and USA as well. We look forward to introduce ourselves better in the world and find new areas to create for.


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For those of you that enjoyed seeing some of the work for Germany over the last seven years, here is a video taken this spring which includes the most recent bridge.


Working Title: No Title

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Etsy shop for the 9 dragon custom metalworks

Looking for an unique, custom made fine metalwork?

Please visit here or email me and I will be happy to start designing your dream metalwork.

Thank you so much for visiting!

Metal ART Documentary trailer

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Haven't posted for awhile here as I have been developing/experimenting to improve the medium. Hope this piques interest & discussion around here; a video about painting with fire and acid.

Little Lake Eagle Head

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Little Lake Eagle HeadLittle Lake Eagle HeadJuly 20 The HOG (Harley Owners Group) will be holding their annual Ride-in Bike Show at Little Lake American Legion Hall to raise money for Bay Cliff Health Camp, a camp for disabled children.

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