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For those of you that enjoyed seeing some of the work for Germany over the last seven years, here is a video taken this spring which includes the most recent bridge.


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Etsy shop for the 9 dragon custom metalworks

Looking for an unique, custom made fine metalwork?

Please visit here or email me and I will be happy to start designing your dream metalwork.

Thank you so much for visiting!

Metal ART Documentary trailer

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Haven't posted for awhile here as I have been developing/experimenting to improve the medium. Hope this piques interest & discussion around here; a video about painting with fire and acid.

Little Lake Eagle Head

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Little Lake Eagle HeadLittle Lake Eagle HeadJuly 20 The HOG (Harley Owners Group) will be holding their annual Ride-in Bike Show at Little Lake American Legion Hall to raise money for Bay Cliff Health Camp, a camp for disabled children.

More Butterflys

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butterfly wind spinnerbutterfly wind spinnerButterfly BushButterfly BushI was inspired to make a butterfly bush and liked the butterflys so much that I made a table top wind spinners with more butterfly.

More Butterflys

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butterfly bush

metal adhesive...

has anyone used (and can recommend) a good metal adhesive? i need to stick flat smooth copper leaves to a flat smooth steel surface... i need something i can get in the uk.. any ideas? ive never used glue with metal before.


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 Butterfly by franKButterfly: Butterfly by franKHere's my first butterfly.It's made primarily using 1/4" mild steel rod.

Raiders Wind Spin

I meant this Raiders is a Wind Spin

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