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setting up a studio

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I am starting to use soldering to my repertoire. I already have my dremil, torch, pickle pot, fire brick and  some silver used for solder. Can anyone add to the list of what else I need to have in my studio?

Under Construction

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the ancient Egyptian god of death


Anubis-as castAnubis-as cast

And of course, as with most of my sculptures, there is a history that goes with him, a history which not only may not be entirely consistent with what is currently accepted as reality—that is for you to decide—but that is frequently subject to change.


In June of this year an old Indian man, Alvelardo, who I had met thirty years ago, sent word for me to come; that he had something interesting.

Smith Torch Regulator Trouble


I have a smith little torch.I just replaced the hoses. I went to turn on the tanks and saw that, in the off position, the acetyline regulator was at the highest psi. I tried to turn it on and off and release the pressure, but the lowest it will go is 10 psi.

Another newbie

Hello everyone,


My name is Hristo, I'm 32, software engineer from Sofia, Bulgaria. I'm completely new to repousse and am eager to learn and experiment. The closest experience I have is armoursmithing, which is quite limited too - I've only made a segmented breastplate and a set of greaves.

New Copper Project

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I've been busy on a new commission this past week, making a pair of copper vessels.   These are to be smaller versions of the large evaporating dishes used on the old sugar cane plantations here in the Caribbean.   The actual ones are anywhere from three to six feet in diameter and usually made from either copper or cast iron.  The syrup pressed from the sugar canes is put in these dishes and heated over a charcoal fire for days and days until the syrup is reduced to molasses, a more compact form for shipping to the homeland where it is then fermented and distilled into rum.  There are literally hundreds of these things scattered around the island, mostly being used as "yard art" or planters/fish ponds, and they are in big demand by decorators. 

A Project Between Sculptures

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Thought I'd give you, the like minded creative types, first crack at a workshop dilemma I'm currently wrestling with. I'd sure appreciate your thoughts as I'm uncharacteristically drawing blanks...

Newest sheet metal piece + new video format/style (what do you think: new time lapse versus old talking tutorial??

New sped up style instead of droning on about each step in the process. Basically, I'm assuming most people just want the gist and to be entertained, and if some do want more info, they can use the pause button or just ask. What do you all think? Really appreciate your feedback/suggestions, so thanks!

casting better surface

casting better surface silver jewelery for instrications.

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