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casting better surface

casting better surface silver jewelery.

Introducing myself

Hello to all, glad to be a new member of this incredible place, so much talent and beautiful artwork that it's really inspiring. I've been a sheet metal worker as a press brake mechanic for a while and before that a pipe-fitter so metal is the medium I am used to be in contact with. I finished six months ago the metal entryway shown below, haven't painted it lacking time (family!!!) and job constraints.

Help for my design project.

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I'm doing an MA Industrial Design course and my brief for this project is to design a gift. My idea involves metal art and the use of rust.
I want to create a piece of art where the metal will rust by itself into a specific image that I have previously created.

Using borax in investment mix

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I read somewhere that a sculptor uses borax in the water to retard the plaster based investment when he is applying it by hand to the wax before pouring the investment. I ran a test: I took two soup cans with equal amounts of water. Into one I put a healthy pinch of borax and let it dissolve thoroughly. Then I put equal amounts of my usual plaster/ludo/brick dust investment mix in both cans. The can with plain water set up as usual. The can with borax has never set up. That was five days ago.

A New Journey.... Repousse, Chasing and Enamel Work

I love creating almost anything!  There isn't enough time in a day to contribute through creativity.  Metal work is something I've been enjoying and repousse, chasing and enamel work is something I've become OBSESSED with.  

Metal globe as garden art

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Globe ...Globe, not rusted


Hi all, I just registered and am looking forward to the benefits this site might provide for me professionally and personally.  I have been reading some of the posts and replies and am very impressed with the professionalism and support provided.  

Brass Bell alloy


I have to cast some big brass bells. I think I can produce good castings of the bells but what composition of brass to use to make the sound loud and sonorous beats me.

I will be grateful for any advice offered.

Inlaying wire in pebbles

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Does anyone know how one can inlay metal wire etc. into stone?  I collected a bunch of stones on my last trip to Utah and would love to drill them and dress them up a little.

About "Styracosaurus!"

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I built Styracosaurus! out of 100% aluminum.  It weighs approximately 2,000 lbs., and measures 22-feet long by 7-feet tall.  Its eyes are made of silicon bronze, and it is the first in a series that I envision building.  

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