It's Here!!

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It's here! My forge from NC TOOL CO. It's pretty much the most bad a** thing ever! I'm super stoked. And it's going to make this new year all the better. If you haven't seen or used a forge from NC TOOL, it's quality stuff. Highly recommended!

PS Check out the pictures on my last blog ("While I'm Waiting") looking for some feedback for sure.


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Hi Woody,
Congratulations on your new tool(toy). By what I've seen in your blog you will hit the road running. Sorry about not commenting on your work before. I know absolutely nothing about knives.When I camp, I take a box cutter... sad.

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Woody, Don't get so excited

Don't get so excited you forget to sleep now. I'm glad for you and saw your pics so I know you'll be putting the new forge to good use.
Mine are all home made, a pile of bricks forge ~ very versital, a 36" straight shot, both forced air, and a tyure coal forge.
The knifes you showed us are beautiefull. They are very well finished, and I bet they'll hold an edge. I'm not much on knife making, just a couple for the kitchen, nothing that nice.

keep the quotes comming,
work well,


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Today has been so much fun. I haven't pounded hot steel for a couple weeks now, and I'm expecting the pain tomorrow. Sounds like you're pretty well established with your work shop. I'm somewhat of a nomad at present, so this little doozy does right by me.

Dustin "Woody" Woodford

"They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance!"
-General John Sedgwick (Killed by a Confederate sharp-shooter at the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House)

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Knives and new forge

Hi Woody, I liked your 3 knives and they looked cutworthy. I know the rasp makes good knives and I think it's L6. I tinker with large mill saw blades (36") and cut out machettes. I have a Po Boy forge made from a freeon can. I have double lined it and she gets pretty hot. I have problems heat treating and tempering because of the length so I generally use a Oxy Ace torch. They are fun to hack on stuff and they cut human flesh well. Ah...meaning my own by accident! I'm qurious if you can forge weld and I would think you could in your new forge so I'll be expecting some wire or chain forge welded blades. Good luck and keep it hot! P.S. You neglected to give the range on the shot at Spotsylvania. Those country boys were good shots!