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Tube forging.

In response to Stephen's request - I did take a few pictures the other day as I was making these buds from 1 1/2" tube (it's actually 37.6mm tube or something...)

Nothing very spectacular...but it always gives me a kick forging tube as there's always a little voice in my head saying "this shouldn't work - it'll collapse!"

Floral fence panels - 1/2 way there !

spiderspiderbutterflybutterflycaterpillarcaterpillar snailsnailaall 4ll 4well nearly..

Poor mans planishing hammer...and why not ?


I giggled when I first saw how they'd created this planishing hammer...and then I thought why not - I expect it works pretty well, if a little underpowered for many applications.

Unsung heroes of the toolbox

Thought it might be fun to start a thread about favourite tools. Not big, expensive, high tech tools - on the contrary - I'm talking about the stuff you've picked up, made, or modified over the years and wouldn't want to have to do without....and yet rarely see in anyone else's workshop.....or it could be a tool that's in common use that you've found a completely new application for...

Floral fence panels

This is the first of 9 panels I'm doing for a client (hopefully!- Although quote's accepted the goal posts keep moving on me, so this one's awaiting approval)

They sit between brick piers on a low wall along the frontage of the property, each one different, all about 3' tall by 7' long.

Best ear protection ??

Hello all,

I've got a splitting headache that's pretty much halted production this afternoon. Reckon it's partly due to an intensely frustrating conversation with a client earlier (VERY fussy, but can't tell me what she wants, only that every sample/drawing I do for her isn't quite it!)

How does one Specify/draw compound curves ?

Once again, I'm feeling a little inadequate, and I don't quite know how I've got as far as I have not knowing this!

I have a customer wanting me to make a pair of gates, similar in style to his friend's entrance gates (photo) The frame of the gate is in 120mm x 75mm (4 3/4" x 3") hollow section, rolled the hard way on top.

Long time no post!

Hey everyone - haven't posted for ages. After a deadly quiet January, thing's really picked up, and I've now got the longest job list I've ever had. Much of it's pretty uninspiring, but in the current climate, I'm just grateful to have the work.

Anglo saxon shield boss

Shield boss 1Shield boss 1shield boss 2shield boss 2Shield boss 3Shield boss 3Hate to be one of those friends who only turn up when they need something.... Haven't had anything very interesting to share of late, or got to spend much time on the p.c. But I do have an intersting/challenging enquiry from a guy supplying Viking/Saxon re-enactors who wants a quote for these shield bosses. They look like quite an exercise..and I'm sure one would start with a flat sheet, not with a billet as shown here? Anyone done anything like this... got any tips?

Electrostatic painting??

Anyone know much about this? I never heard of it till recently.

A well known D.I.Y. paint manufacturer here in the U.K. has just started selling an electrostatic painting system. They claim you can paint round or square bars on a railingfrom one side only! The gun takes little batteries and you hook up an earth lead to the work. Apparently the paint particles are then electrostatically attracted to the metal.

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