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We've recently had to make some minor changes to the timeliness of how blog updates and comments are displayed on the ArtMetal site. Due to the number of visitors we are getting which include bots and real people, the site is using more than its share of computer resources. To alleviate this problem, we are now updating individual pages every six 24 hours for site visitors only. Note that if you log in to your user account you will see up-to-the-minute updates wherever you go on the site.

Again... ONLY VISITORS have a 6 hour delay on individual posts/comments updates.

So, a benefit for registered users is to LOG IN to your account for up to the minute information.

Tip 1: if you click on the "Remember me" block when logging in, you will not have to log in for awhile on your computer.

Tip 2: To verify you are logged in, look on the top right hand side under the various international translation flags and you will see your user id with a link to "log out" beside it. Don't log out unless you want to be put into visitor mode.

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UPDATE: Due to the large

UPDATE: Due to the large amount of traffic we are experiencing, we are having to turn off visitor comments at this time. The isp provider is asking artmetal to either lower its cpu usage or move to a higher paid service.

I am sorry that we are having to do this. Seems bots, spiders, and spammers are accessing the site more than they should be. This may be temporary while we figure out another way to deal with the situation.

For now, folks will have to log in to their accounts to post. If you do not have an account, then go through the registration process and get one. It's worth the trouble and you will enjoy the benefits of FREE membership to ArtMetal.