Is ArtMetal going down?

OT: Sandbox YAK

Is ArtMetal going down? I sure hope not! But we are having some problems. Seems that our current isp is threatening to disconnect ArtMetal for too much usage of the CPU. I received a disconnect email a couple of hours ago stating ArtMetal had been disconnected. Some of you may have experienced this. Luckily, I kept my calm and asked nicely why such an abrupt disconnect when I was trying to correct the problem. Maybe they decided to temporarily turn us on again.

If you notice you can't access the site at all, please don't fret. ArtMetal will not disappear. However, I can see the writing on the wall and I am taking steps to move the site and upgrade it as soon as possible. So enjoy, and do let us know if you see any strange activity.


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AM going down?

Why would it be put down?

Bernadette Denoux
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Basically, the ISP hosting

Basically, the ISP hosting ArtMetal is saying we use too much of their resources for the fee we ay. They want us to go to a hosting plan that costs a bunch more money. Funny that this cropped up when our traffic has actually dropped off a bit from what it was last year at this time. One of those things that makes ya go "Hmmmm..."

Rich Waugh
ArtMetal Moderator

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Wow! We were down for 3 days

Wow! We were down for 3 days and, even though I had nothing to do with it, it has been a frustrating time. Here's what happened...

The server ArtMetal is on, had a data malfunction on one of the hard drives so site5, our current service provider, attempted to restore the complete server from backups. After 30 some hours, they find out that the restore was not going to complete so they start again. Another 30 hours or so, we seem to have come back online.

Problem is, that some data is lost due to a complete restore of the server. We are talking about 200 unique web sites. Too much headache and frustration!

Bad news is that it's not over yet. While all this has been going on, ArtMetal was threatened by site5 of being disconnected if we did not move the site to a VPS account. So, I ended up biting the bullet and setting up our own virtual private network. This is going to cost a lot more than what we have been paying, but it will allow us to control our own resources. And, if this server restore thing ever happens again, we should be able to get back online much, much sooner.

So please be aware that we may see some more outages while ArtMetal migrates to the new server. Thank you for your patience, and if you see any gremlins running around ArtMetal, don't hesitate to let us know.


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The transition to our new

The transition to our new home is complete! I don't know if you are noticing it, but I think that ArtMetal is much snappier. We are now located on a VPS account which means we have our own Apache web server with our own mail, mysql, php, and what have you. No other websites shares these resources. So there you have it!

The next phase for ArtMetal is going to be updating it to the newest version of Drupal, a content management system. We should start development work on this within a month. So stay tuned for an upcoming better experience of ArtMetal.

In the mean time, enjoy and share your metal art experiences. And if you find any gremlins, either sweep them under the table, or let us know where they are so we can snatch them and roast them under the forge... Tongue out