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The "recent posts" under the "community" menu has five tabs which include:

Note that if you are not logged in or just visiting, you will only see recent blogs, recent images, and all recent. Thing is that recent activity is not very useful unless you are logged in to your account. The only way to have ArtMetal track your activity is by logging in to your account. Once logged in, you will see the "new" and "updated" tags. For this reason, it is good to become a member of the ArtMetal community. You don't have to post or comment to use this feature as a way to keep up-to-date with your viewing of the web site.

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Wow, Nicely done Enrique and

Wow, Nicely done Enrique and fast. It will definitely organize and make looking through the posts easier. Thanks! Not sure if it's my computer, account, or the font size change, but the text when I type a comment is really tiny now, do I have control of that in my preferences?.


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The site looks better today

The site looks better today methinks

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testing from a pc as

testing from a pc as visitor. Looks good!


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I looked into the small font

I looked into the small font when entering text for comments and I increased the size. Or so I think! It looked like a good size on a pc. It's still a bit small on a mac.

Thanks for your feedback Jake!

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Thanks Enrique, It looks

Thanks Enrique, It looks good. You really do a great job with this site.


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better fonts

The fonts look about right on a PC, you got to remember that no matter how great Macs are they are only 2.5% of total computers sold.

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This works for me.  Nicely

This works for me.  Nicely done.

Wouldn't it have been easier all around if you would have just done this in the first place?  Hmmmm?

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If it were so easily done!

If it were so easily done! Had to add a module which allows for the addition of customized "Views". And you would think the module would take the geakyness out of it. No, I had to hunt and peck to find the solution. But at least, it's here now!

Glad it works for you!


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Great solution, love it!

Great solution, love it!

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Glad to be of service Lynda.

Glad to be of service Lynda. You know, I kinda like it too...

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Enrique, I really like what

I really like what you did with "posts". Even though I liked it the way is was, this is much better. Thanks for all your hard work, this community has been a great help to me!

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Really loving the format

Really loving the format now. The way you have organized the posts and images is fantastic. Good work.

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Thanks all for the positive

Thanks all for the positive feedback! I'm sure if it wasn't right you folks would let me know. Right?


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Love it now...loved it before

first of all I love this group! I have learned alot, seen amazing work and just enjoy talking and sharing with like-minded people.
I think you have done a phenomenal job of putting this together. I like the new format...the tighter print and new layout. Thank you so much for all your work. Janet R.

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We're here for ya man. Gotta

We're here for ya man. Gotta do something to earn our keep. LOL

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The tree that doesn't bend breaks in the wind.Good for you ,good for all of us that you have flexibility.Thanks for this site and the effort that you give to make it ever improving.

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Hi Frank, Definetely,I think

Hi Frank,
Definetely,I think we all appreciate the effort Quique and Rich put into this site. Likewise, flexibility is a great virtue when it comes to actitudes and trees of course. Now, that seems to be the rule, but as exemptions, I`ll coment I have three trees in my yard aged from 30-100, they`re called Dividivi, and I`ve seen strong storms turn over trees in the vecinity, but the strongest winds only manage to beat the leaves and rock the tips of the braches a bit. The wood is dark brown, almost black, beautiful and the hardest I`ve seen.I would not use my chain saw on it. Now there`s another one around here in the mountains I`m eager to see yet, they call it iron wood (even harder)and nobody in his right mind chain saws that species. Nature is amazing. Just a curiosity. Back to metal...Nelson.

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Iron Wood

Hi Nelson,
We have Iron Wood growing in these parts. Once in a while I get one on a fire wood lot.It makes some of the best firewood I've ever burned. There's even a city named Iron Wood in da UP. I save a few chunks for blocks to beat metal on. The pioneers used the wood for axles and pry-bars.And yes, my chain saw does a lot of bouncing when I cut up Iron wood. Sometimes there sparks, no kidding.

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Recent Posts

I've not been on much lately Cry(though I'd like to be on more) but it seems easier to read and opps, I think I've just found out how to put a picture in. Hi Everyone,It's been a long time since I've been on Art Metal, I just haven't had time to get on.  My husband, Walter and I just got an award through an association we belong to (Home Based Business Association) we're really proud that we (Just takes a bit of messing around with).

Thanks for all your hard work, you've done a great job bringing all us metal artists and artisans together where we can see what everyone else is doing, problems that we're having Frownor need help with Embarassedand giving us a place to chat about it all. There's probably more I could say but I'll just stop and say, "Thanks again".Smile As you can see I've had a bit of fun using some of the emoticons (or whatever they are called) as well, hopefully it won't be such a long time before I get on again (so I don't forget everything again.

Sandra Moses,

Ablaze MetalArt & Design


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Okay now since this has been changed and had time to reflect only one thing I see that maybe could be a misunderstanding.

If a post to an event is updated it only shows under all recent because it is not a blog. Because the recent blogs only shows recent blogs.

Hmmmmmmm which one to click???