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The Tradition/Innovation: American Masterpieces of Southern Craft & Traditional Art will be kicking off a nine state exhibition throughout 2010 starting with its grand opening on Saturday, March 1, 2008 at the Atlanta History Center. The reason I am mentioning this is because one of my functional art pieces, "Black Electra" console table is part of the exhibition.

You can see my artist page by following this link. However, I did want to mention that the Southern Arts Federation put together a really good educational section for educators teaching the metals media. There are links to quite a few different web resources including a section on my own personal site. Here's what they are saying in part:

3. If you cannot visit a shop, bring a shop into your classroom. Enrique Vega’s website has a step by step documentary of the manufacture of his wrought iron tables as well as other forged works of art, from preliminary sketch to the finished piece in his client’s home.

This site is useful for discussing the meaning of “commissioned work” as well as for taking students through both the technical and artistic processes of his work. It is also an excellent site to use to discuss the impact on the Internet on art and artists and e-commerce in the arts.

Vega also has a number of podcasts on his website with video and audio documentaries of his work. They take a while to load but are outstanding.

You can compare and contrast both the artistic and technical processes Vega uses with the artistic and technical process presented in the Metals Gallery power point, Doug Harling, Goldsmith.

4. Sketch Design – HS Vega begins his work by sketching his concept of the finished piece. View some of his sketches.

After your students view the sketches, lead a discussion about the importance of sketching to many artists in different media.

There is much more information for educators and some of you folks here at ArtMetal may find this page very useful.

Here's the tour schedule for those interested in seeing the exhibition:

Tour Schedule
March 1- May 18, 2008
Atlanta History Center
130 West Paces Ferry Rd., NW
Atlanta, GA 30305-1366

June 7 - August 23, 2008
Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft
715 W. Main St.
Louisville, KY 40202
October 2, 2008 - January 11, 2009
Knoxville Museum of Art
1050 World’s Fair Park Dr.
Knoxville, TN 37916
February 27 - April 25, 2009
Pensacola Museum of Art
407 S. Jefferson St.
Pensacola, FL 32502
North Carolina
May-July 2009
Southeastern Center
for Contemporary Art
750 Marguerite Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27106-5861
South Carolina
September - October 2009
Sumter County Gallery of Art
200 Hasel Street
Sumter, SC 29151
January – April 2010
Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art
Auburn University
901 South College Street
Auburn, AL 36849
(TBD 2010)
Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art
1596 Glenn Sweetman St.
Biloxi, MS 39530

(TBD 2010




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Congratulations Enrique, it

Congratulations Enrique, it looks like an amazing show with some really talented artisans. I wish it was coming a little closer to Nebraska, it would be great to see your work up close.


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Hi Quique: just browsing

Hi Quique: just browsing through your blog,and that pic of your forged table I could never forget.Anytime I see an interesting piece of work,it simply goes into my inspirational file, like I say, not to copy it,but as source of inspiration when I need to,then I go do my thing.When I saw the picture I recognized it,but it took me a bit to associat it with you,and your name, and everything tied up!That pic of yours I think it`s been on my file for two years I guess,long before joining this site. Congratulations,now I`ve realized what an excellent artist we have as moderator.Wish I could some day get to see you bang some hot metal into art. Probably,you know or will like to see that amazing marble in Peru: Machu Pichu. I envy your going that part of the world. It ain`t that far from here you know,so hope someday will take a leap over the Inca country.Buen viaje Quique! Nelson

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Glad to be inspirational

Glad to be inspirational Nelson. This is what ArtMetal is all about. We attempt to inspire each other so that we all grow and the metal arts grows. This in turn, gives more credibility to the metals discipline, and then more people desire to acquire our art. It's a rolling ball which gets larger as we role it.

As to Peru. I will be giving another workshop in November of this year. You should contact Aceros Arequipa to see if you can attend one of the workshops.