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I was browsing the web and ran across a master metal artist that I would like to share with you. Libor Hurda has created some fantastic human abstract sculptures which communicate clearly. One of his sculptures "Kentar Enzo" remind me of some of Chris Ray's art. Especially "Tyro And The Serrosteed" from the Quadreverz series. I'm not quite sure why I see the correlation. Maybe it's the wheels? But there seems to be more and I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe you can shed some light on it. Do you see any relationship between the art created by these two artists?

It's not too usual to see direct metal processes which communicate the way these two artists have. Their art is inspirational!

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You're right. There's a

You're right. There's a sense of mischief not to mention the marriage of man and machine.  marilyn

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Hurda and Ray

I like the Medusa with a Mohawk.

The lines remind me of some of the drawings and collages Chris was doing towards the end. The conceptual work was in place. Maybe he's haunting this guy.

The pilgrim.

looks  like an escapee from the Ray retrospective at abana 2002


Gene Olson Sculptor Elk River, MN

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The Medusa IS fantastic,

The Medusa IS fantastic, isn't it? I love the way Libor includes sculpture with the function of lighting! The thing that gets me is his craftsmanship. Looking at his artwork, I get the sense that it is cast bronze. But after writing Libor directly and asking what technique he uses, he responds with the following:

"Regarding my technology: it's hammering, welding, acetylene welding, grinding, hammering, welding, acetylene welding, grinding... and so on." 

Amazing craftsmanship for using the techniques he describes. I can see that he spends a lot of time creating these unique sculptures.

Just amazing!... 

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The Medusa IS really fantastic

Hi, I was so excited by Medusa, that I've bought it. Now I'm falling asleep beside it and sometimes it's a bit scarz. Libors' statues are fine, but even better is to tipple with him. You should try it, this guy has got unbelievable persistence...  Williboy

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Yes Marilyn, did you notice

Yes Marilyn, did you notice where the steering wheel shaft comes from in "Kentaur Enzo"? There are volumes that can be said about man and machine, and he has summed it all up in this one magnificent sculpture! Foot in mouth

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My wife always said that men

My wife always said that men are steered by that part of the body. Now we have a visual. Interesting facial expression. It makes you wonder what the artist is thinking.

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Chris Ray

Speaking Of Chris:
Did you also know he was an accomplished Musician? I was a close friend of Chris from 1987 through 2000 when he died. We even worked on a few projects together just for fun. He had a great and subtle sense of humor and was always ready to sketch out an idea with chalk on plate or pencil on a paper pad. I bought one of his power hammers in 1994 and sold it when I retired. It was a crazy old thing with a complicated superstructure on top that housed the motor and some specialized controls. I miss him still.

Nic East, Jim Thorpe, PA USA
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