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Just made a small change on navigation on the artmetal.com site. If you have been asking yourself why are pictures of members being put on the front page and why do they change, well here's the scoop. The seven latest members to log in (or use) the artmetal.com web site get their pictures placed on the front page. These pictures (avatars) continuously get changed based on which member is accessing the web site.

You may also notice that, when you logged in to the site in the past, you would automatically be taken to your personal account. And if you clicked on the "home" page, you would be taken to your account. Well, I've changed it so that you can now see the "front page" (home) while you are still logged in. I've done this so you can see yourself listed and other members whom recently been to the artmetal.com site.

I think it's cool to see who's been visiting. Don't you? Maybe you guys/gals will go into your accounts and finish filling out your profiles. You do want other folks to know who you are, don't ya? Wink

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I am tired of seeing the blank "cut out" that appears beside my name and set out to put a picture in its place. I think it is making an "avatar" but I can't find out how to do it.


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It's easy Marilyn. You can

It's easy Marilyn. You can do it by editing your user account preferences. See the video tutorial

Tutorial: ArtMetal.com User Account Setup

It shows you how to do it and much more.