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 One Shiny WeaponStrange places to find markets for your metal art. Here's a case where a Zena game player found that he desired to have a replica made of the Zena Masters sword. It cost $3,300 and a one year wait for the user to have Castle Keep make the sword.

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NintendoWorldReport - News Article: Master Sword Forged

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Actually, fantasy fans are

Actually, fantasy fans are the number one market for swords- after all, virtually nobody uses them as a day to day weapon anymore. Most cultures that still kill a lot of people with edged weapons use one dollar machetes to do the job.
Fancy swords are toys now, or collectibles. So the SCA folks, and the fans of various tv shows, movies and comic books are the number one market for new swords.
Antiques are a different market, of course.
But no honest swordmaker makes antiques.

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Yea, I hear you Ries. I just

Yea, I hear you Ries. I just noticed the google ads for this page pointing to several sword and knife web sites. The thing is that the two I just checked out were for mass produced swords coming from China. Not to say that China is bad for their steels. In fact, they're the ones that came out with the Samurai swords, right? Or do the samurai swords come from Japan?

The thing I like is seeing that there is an interest in having custom hand made swords made, and that folks commissioning these swords understand the cost of making something that has been made by a quality craftsman. Seems that the metalsmith that made this sword knew what he was doing.

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Don't forget the Cosplayers

I just got a call last week from a fellow that wants an armor piece from Power Rangers.

He didn't flich at my price, so I guess he's gonna get it. Funny thing is the original costume appears to be upholtered gold fabric. So the real thing is a fake and my facsimile is real metal.

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not zena sword!!

this is not from zena its from the legend of zelda peaple its the master sword not zena.

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Webminster-Thanks for all this Inspiration!!!

Hi Webminster.....

I really loved looking at the Sword Makers site... I
study martial arts and do some weapons but not swords. I have a great respect for weapon making. It's one of my fantasies to make swords one day... But I've been told it take a lifetime.. The Castle Keep site made it sound do-able. I hope to get a forge set up sometime in the next year or so and start playing.... Thanks so much for this site and all the interesting phases of metalwork . I really appreciate this site and hope I am a contributer to our network. Janet R.

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I'm glad you like the

I'm glad you like the ArtMetal site. It is a pleasure to read your posts and I do consider you an active contributor. I think everyone else will agree. Let us know when you do make your Zena/Zelda sword!

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Janet, I've been


I've been metalsmthinig in one form or another since the late sixties (gulp), and seriously blacksmithing for the past five years or more, and I wouldn't attempt to make a sword that was to be *used* as a weapon. To do that takes a very high level of skill at the forging, the finishing and thevheat treating, as well as the right equipment.

Almost anyone can make a wall-hanger sword, given some tools and patience. With good design sense and attention to detail, oe can make a really attractive wall-hanger. But use it in actual combat? Nope. Too many hazards involved if the alloy is worong, or the heat treating is wrong, etc.

Check out JimHrisoulas' website. He's at the top of that game, and literally wrote the book on a lot of it. I think it's but I could be mistaken. Google it if that doesn't work.

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Like I keep up with zena...

Like I keep up with zena... Now Zelda, I can relate to because my Nazel hammer is named Zelda. But that's as far as I go. I use to watch Zena the Warrior, but I don't thing she relates to this sword.

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Xena,Warrior princess

Hi Webminster,

I used to love watching Xena until it got alittle hoaky. Janet R.

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Zena Zelda Xena?

Hi everyone,

This is Janet's son here (a former Zelda player) who was interested in seeing the sword my mother was talking about. I was reading the posts and I'm a little confused. I thought the sword was from the game Zelda and the warrior princess was Xena - so who's Zena?


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Thank you for the

Thank you for the information! I searched all over google for this.