Video Tutorial: Uploading Images

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This is the first in a series of video tutorials covering different aspects of using the social networking capabilities of the web site. This tutorial goes into the user friendly interface for any member of the ArtMetal community to upload images to their personal accounts.

It's interesting that I just made a claim to "user friendly" and here I am coming out with a video tutorial on how to upload images to the web site. Kinda contradictory isn't it? I don't think so. See, there are many types of users on the Internet. Some of them are web savvy, while others,... well you know who they are. They just need a little hand holding to get them to see how things work. That's what this video tutorial is going to do.

The video is ten and half minutes long (66 mg) and goes through the process of uploading a jpeg image from your personal computer to the web site. Please note that this is my first videocast. I hope that this video will help you get more enjoyment of the social networking web site we have developed for the metal artisan community.

Please let me know what you think of this training video. I can use all the criticism that you can give.

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Help on up loading images

I know you all have a tutorial on up loading but I have no sound on my computer!! will you please write me telling me what to do I have the adoby reader and adobey photo shop I have tryed to down load your tutorial several times What am I doing wrong!!? I figured since because I dont have sound I will need a written vergin CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

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see this picture

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check the condition of your

check the condition of your video card sound system. Do you have itunes or Windows media Player? Do you have WinAmp?

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Tutorial on Uploading Images


Thanks. It was useful and straight -forward. My only suggestion would be to increase the size of your cursor to catch the viewer's eye more quickly


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What a Bone Head

I sure went the long way around uploading pic.'s.
I have been so consumed by the images posted on the site I have not really looked elsewhere.
I am now starting to explore the site and decided to finally check out the Tutorial.
I liked it alot. It was to the point and easy for a Bone Head like myself to grasp.
I only wish this did multple picture uploads as I still am having difficulty with this process.
Thanks again Que Que,

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image upload mov

Clicked on the image upload tutorial movie but was sent to metalartradio site. ??? I would like to know how to upload and post multiple pics. Do you need to upload one at a time under create content entry? thanks

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Posting pictures

I emailed a tutorial to the address you used when you signed up for ArtMetal. Hope it helps!