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Title: "(Can't) Judge a book by its cover: METAL BOOKS: AN exhbition of the book as artifact."

Purpose:To explore the concept of encapsulating human imagination through the message of metal. If it looks like a book, reads like a book, feels like a book and swims like a book it may still be other than a book. A physical manifestation of imagination expressed through our common medium.

‹Emfairmeadows› The images of the pages of the book will be submitted in February. The online show will start in March.

Un-edited chatlog:

20:59:20 VRock [b][/b]Hello there to an ArtMetal chat(X)

10/11/2006 20:59:23 * Emfairmeadows joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 20:59:33 QuiQue yea, I saw it. Thing is I was taken away from the chat. That shouldn't happen.
10/11/2006 20:59:38 Emfairmeadows Hello
10/11/2006 21:00:01 VRock Hey there, Eliz! Weather is fine
10/11/2006 21:00:14 Emfairmeadows Great did it blow over?
10/11/2006 21:00:37 QuiQue Emfairmeadows, hi! (ci)
10/11/2006 21:00:41 VRock Yep. Really was gangbusters there!
10/11/2006 21:01:18 VRock WELCOME! (T) to an ArtMetal Chat!
10/11/2006 21:01:18 Emfairmeadows Hey Enrique:)
10/11/2006 21:02:07 VRock I am Valerie Rock (VRocK) and I am happy<:o)<:o) you're here!
10/11/2006 21:02:43 VRock A week ago I saw some Metal Books posted on the web as images
10/11/2006 21:02:52 QuiQue VRock, I'm <:o) you're here too! :-D
10/11/2006 21:03:01 VRock And I got real excited about making one of my own.
10/11/2006 21:03:33 VRock Introduced the topic to my students - (U) I guess am more thrilled about making one
10/11/2006 21:03:42 QuiQue So, have you started making your book yet?
10/11/2006 21:04:02 VRock TONIGHT I want to get some input about an ONLINE EXHIBITION of art metal books
10/11/2006 21:04:30 QuiQue okay.
10/11/2006 21:04:41 VRock In sketchbook and in mind there are many ideas in progress
10/11/2006 21:04:41 Emfairmeadows I think the important thing is that we leave the media open.
10/11/2006 21:05:00 Emfairmeadows As long as it is 3d
10/11/2006 21:05:05 QuiQue media as to metal?
10/11/2006 21:05:08 VRock Yes, I really liked your description about it having metal "somewhere" in it
10/11/2006 21:05:17 VRock Yep, 3D is good..
10/11/2006 21:05:18 Emfairmeadows with at least one piece of metal in it.
10/11/2006 21:06:10 Emfairmeadows the fact that the viewers are on the site hopefully will bring a majority of metalish books.
10/11/2006 21:06:25 QuiQue So, the book cover can be made of paper, or anything else, and as long as their is a piece of metal on it, it will pass the criteria?
10/11/2006 21:07:01 Emfairmeadows I think so because it is still a book.
10/11/2006 21:07:03 VRock sounds good, yes
10/11/2006 21:07:14 VRock and perhaps assemblages of existing books.
10/11/2006 21:07:30 QuiQue So what is the purpose of the exhibition again?
10/11/2006 21:07:38 Emfairmeadows If someone were to weave pages from wire it would be fiber and metal at the same time
10/11/2006 21:08:04 VRock Purpose is to get people to have a theme and get excited to make something
10/11/2006 21:08:12 VRock ANd then have a venue to post to.
10/11/2006 21:08:34 QuiQue Don't get me wrong. I really like the idea, but I'm going to play the devils advocate to make sure we cover all possible questions.
10/11/2006 21:08:37 VRock Also purpose is to get people at artmetal out of the woodwork so to speak and interacting
10/11/2006 21:08:58 VRock That's great, QQ8o|
10/11/2006 21:09:40 VRock I want to put up a boilerplate site that people can post their image to as well as enter their personal infpo
10/11/2006 21:09:43 QuiQue So, exactly what is the motivation here other than being artsy.
10/11/2006 21:10:10 VRock Motivation is to celebrate the book
10/11/2006 21:10:25 QuiQue ?
10/11/2006 21:10:30 marilyn Hi Everyone
10/11/2006 21:10:36 VRock And to express what the essence of "book-ness is to us
10/11/2006 21:10:40 Emfairmeadows Hi Marilyn!
10/11/2006 21:10:42 VRock HEY MARILYN
10/11/2006 21:10:45 QuiQue marilyn, (F)
10/11/2006 21:11:16 VRock purpose to have a theme that people think about and get their juices/voices flowing
10/11/2006 21:11:35 marilyn I just got here so I'm going to scroll back to see what has been said.
10/11/2006 21:11:39 Emfairmeadows The artist book is a very interesting project because there are so many options.
10/11/2006 21:12:14 QuiQue what is the essence of "book-ness"? I'm a bit confused.*-)
10/11/2006 21:12:20 VRock I personally am excited by the books I saw of ALex and Liz. I am making some.
10/11/2006 21:12:27 Emfairmeadows A book contains words, numbers, images, blank pages, thoughts, poems, textures, feelings...
10/11/2006 21:13:05 * VRock quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 21:13:24 QuiQue Emfairmeadows, okay. now I'm starting to see a bit of purpose. Please expand the concept
10/11/2006 21:13:48 marilyn I've always loved to read. Therefore, I love books.
10/11/2006 21:13:55 Emfairmeadows Books have a significant presence in most of our lives
10/11/2006 21:14:16 Emfairmeadows We read to our children. Our children create books at school.
10/11/2006 21:14:25 * Anonymous854 joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 21:14:33 VRock I know that I get excited by a "project theme"
10/11/2006 21:14:34 marilyn I have seen a number of handmaid books including one of enameled metal.
10/11/2006 21:14:54 marilyn Size shouldn't matter.
10/11/2006 21:15:00 QuiQue So books can capture time. They can communicate...
10/11/2006 21:15:02 VRock what do you think about making a metal book, M?
10/11/2006 21:15:22 marilyn I think it's a good idea.
10/11/2006 21:15:43 VRock and they are a counterpoint/ almost an artifact to our childhoods
10/11/2006 21:15:45 marilyn It's good motivation to have someplace to show them.
10/11/2006 21:16:08 Emfairmeadows I love reading too. I've always read alot, so being able to create my own book makes me happy, reminds me of curling up with a book for 4 hours.
10/11/2006 21:16:11 * Anonymous854 quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 21:16:19 VRock I like the motvation of a place to show . Gives a deadline too
10/11/2006 21:16:28 marilyn There really doesn't have to be anything written in them, right?
10/11/2006 21:16:40 Emfairmeadows No
10/11/2006 21:16:48 marilyn What was the suggested due date?
10/11/2006 21:16:52 VRock nope, consider baby books...
10/11/2006 21:16:58 Emfairmeadows It could be whatever you feel should be in a book
10/11/2006 21:17:13 Emfairmeadows patterns, textures, techniques
10/11/2006 21:17:18 QuiQue So, if there is no content, then the purpose is not to make a book, but to make a book binder?
10/11/2006 21:17:34 Emfairmeadows the page of soldering
10/11/2006 21:17:48 marilyn Humm, good point.
10/11/2006 21:18:06 VRock book binder yes....but also the essence of book/what is suggested when you think of metal book
10/11/2006 21:18:14 VRock HEAVY TOME :$
10/11/2006 21:18:30 QuiQue I thought the purpose was to create art.... metal... ;)
10/11/2006 21:18:38 Emfairmeadows Just because words aren't in it doesn't make it a bookbinder, I think.
10/11/2006 21:18:57 VRock HMmm, Liz, would could have it be ENGRAVED in stone....(inside)
10/11/2006 21:19:09 marilyn there are many blank books sold.
10/11/2006 21:19:15 Emfairmeadows Ha ha
10/11/2006 21:19:26 VRock and the blank books suggest POTENTIAL..!
10/11/2006 21:19:33 QuiQue It doesn't have to have words. It does have to have content though if it is going to be called a "book."
10/11/2006 21:19:53 marilyn Potential ... that sounds good
10/11/2006 21:19:54 VRock can't judge a book by its cover....
10/11/2006 21:20:18 Emfairmeadows I love blank books because I like to fill them with drawings and writing.
10/11/2006 21:20:24 QuiQue marilyn, the blank books are diaries, aren't they?
10/11/2006 21:20:47 VRock I am already thinking of the book representing personnae...spikey outside,,,,rough, dangerous...And velvety fiber inside.
10/11/2006 21:21:22 VRock Remember the velveteen rabbit book.....and the rabbit was flocked so you could feel it
10/11/2006 21:21:31 marilyn Diaries have pages with words ... month, day, year with spaces to be written in
10/11/2006 21:21:45 QuiQue VRock, " can't judge a book by its cover...." I like that!!!(Y)
10/11/2006 21:21:51 * Anonymous216 joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 21:21:51 marilyn Blank books are for anything
10/11/2006 21:22:07 VRock BLANK books--potential, sketchbooks, diaries, school note books....your life fills them
10/11/2006 21:22:10 marilyn Sketch books?
10/11/2006 21:22:22 Emfairmeadows Yes.
10/11/2006 21:22:45 marilyn As V said, potential . . isn't that something that art metal is about?
10/11/2006 21:23:11 QuiQue Okay, so we ARE going to judge the books by its cover!?
10/11/2006 21:23:16 marilyn I didn't mean that ? after sketchbooks.
10/11/2006 21:23:22 VRock (I)to enter text, type in the long horiz box at bottom then clik ENTER on your compputer, ANON
10/11/2006 21:23:30 * Anonymous216 changes his/her nickname to industryelle
10/11/2006 21:23:43 marilyn A book is a book even without a cover.
10/11/2006 21:23:57 Emfairmeadows Hello Industrielle
10/11/2006 21:24:06 marilyn Hi industryelle
10/11/2006 21:24:13 VRock hello Industryelle!!:-)
10/11/2006 21:24:18 marilyn We had a talk last week didn't we?
10/11/2006 21:24:34 industryelle Hi all, I received a book recently that was just the word sigh repeated on every page. I love it.
10/11/2006 21:25:06 marilyn How portable does it need to be?
10/11/2006 21:25:16 VRock I like what QuiQue is getting at though, the exhibition needs to have a stated REASON for being
10/11/2006 21:25:16 industryelle We did talk last week Marilyn. Hi again!
10/11/2006 21:25:21 Emfairmeadows Not very I would think
10/11/2006 21:25:40 marilyn This might be important to the ferrous type people in artmetal
10/11/2006 21:25:49 Emfairmeadows portable.
10/11/2006 21:26:00 * Anonymous185 joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 21:26:08 marilyn Can it be a scroll?
10/11/2006 21:26:09 VRock OHH, |-) I love that idea, about the book with SIGH
10/11/2006 21:26:11 Emfairmeadows You have to be able to turn the pages to take a picture of it.
10/11/2006 21:26:28 * Anonymous185 changes his/her nickname to bpfink
10/11/2006 21:26:37 VRock If a scroll, the person takes several images
10/11/2006 21:26:45 Emfairmeadows If someone make a book that large, they probably already have a crane/hoist
10/11/2006 21:26:59 Emfairmeadows Hey Bruce!
10/11/2006 21:27:02 marilyn A lot of the handmade books I have seen were folded accordien style
10/11/2006 21:27:10 VRock It is neat to hear how many different idead that "BOOK" says to each of us.
10/11/2006 21:27:25 QuiQue Yes, the exhibition needs to have a stated REASON for being! That's why I have been questioning what a book is. The REASON will also be used to judge "the cover of the book"
10/11/2006 21:27:32 VRock hello BPF<:o)
10/11/2006 21:27:42 bpfink Hi guys
10/11/2006 21:28:00 industryelle The artist was exhibiting at a book arts show in Minneapolis. She said it was made while she was going through some serious hard relationshop business. No other word could quite encompass the experience
10/11/2006 21:28:01 QuiQue bpfink, we finally meet in the cafe!(h5)(h5)(h5)
10/11/2006 21:28:06 marilyn It could be a ibook (mac) :-D
10/11/2006 21:28:29 VRock Thank you QQ for prompting the obvious question. This is needed by us (sn)
10/11/2006 21:28:55 Emfairmeadows :)
10/11/2006 21:29:16 VRock METAL book..the actual object of the computer is the exhibit...piece
10/11/2006 21:29:21 marilyn For the Love of Books isn't enough of a reason?
10/11/2006 21:30:01 bpfink I'm readingh back to see what your all talking about...
10/11/2006 21:30:21 VRock for the artist, yes, for the show, QQ is helping me realize that the show needs a stated purpose
10/11/2006 21:31:01 QuiQue marilyn, Love of Books is ONE aspect. The book could express many things. Love, War, Peace, Personal Affection...
10/11/2006 21:31:03 VRock The BIG reason for the exhbition is to have an inaugural online show for artmetal
10/11/2006 21:31:21 industryelle There is something about the smell of old books It's not just about content, the tactile sensation, the quiet. Books are magic.
10/11/2006 21:31:28 VRock A theme helps us to get excited to actaully make something for the show
10/11/2006 21:31:35 marilyn Yes, a stated prupose can make people push against the boundries and that is good
10/11/2006 21:32:25 QuiQue I hope someone is taking notes.:-D
10/11/2006 21:32:35 Emfairmeadows yes
10/11/2006 21:33:11 VRock I think of a metal book being an artifact that conveys our feeling for the a time when the book is less and less it seems with computers
10/11/2006 21:34:01 marilyn Books also convey continuity . . . history if you will.
10/11/2006 21:34:03 QuiQue Computers are books though! Interactive and continually being updated.
10/11/2006 21:34:04 VRock So irronic to have a show of metal books shown through 0's and 1's over a wire on a cpu
10/11/2006 21:34:51 marilyn Books are a means of time travel.
10/11/2006 21:35:02 VRock And as Marilyn asked: how big, how heavy? as big as our dreams....since we do not have to move it anywhere
10/11/2006 21:35:09 QuiQue I'm wondering if the book has to be functional, or can it be sculptural?
10/11/2006 21:35:57 Emfairmeadows There shouldn't be a limit to the physical size.
10/11/2006 21:36:02 VRock no need that it even open. As we know from used bookstores, some are nver opened by their originalowneres!
10/11/2006 21:36:37 VRock A limit perhaps to the size of the digital file sent to the show. But art itself, no
10/11/2006 21:36:43 Emfairmeadows I think we need to be able to see the pages
10/11/2006 21:36:49 marilyn Decorators have been known to buy them by the yard and the color.
10/11/2006 21:36:55 VRock from the edge...
10/11/2006 21:37:12 Emfairmeadows The pages don't have to move, really.
10/11/2006 21:37:30 VRock frozen in time
10/11/2006 21:37:47 industryelle I have a book that belonged to my father that never had the pages cut open. I don't think I ever could. THe mystery is so beautiful.
10/11/2006 21:37:49 marilyn Books can be a monumental
10/11/2006 21:38:06 Emfairmeadows I suppose if someone made a double bound book we'd never be able to see those pages. Unless they took pictures before it was welded shut...
10/11/2006 21:38:29 VRock SO how might we describe this theme to intice people to dream like this of books?
10/11/2006 21:38:39 marilyn Now, that, a welded shut book, would be a mystery indeed
10/11/2006 21:39:00 VRock ...unless they took pictures before it was welded shut... Cool! A time capsule
10/11/2006 21:39:10 VRock And then there are the scrolls in clay pots..
10/11/2006 21:40:19 VRock ELizbth described the other day how the book could be any material as long as incorporating some metal
10/11/2006 21:41:55 industryelle Where is this project described?
10/11/2006 21:42:11 marilyn Guys, we're not hearing much from you.
10/11/2006 21:42:20 QuiQue So VRock, have we come up with a "Statement of Purpose" for the book exhibition? Have we defined it yet?
10/11/2006 21:42:55 QuiQue industryelle, that is one of the things we are trying to come up with this evening here in the cafe.
10/11/2006 21:43:02 VRock no, we are still dreaming and explorng what a book can represent and ideas of making
10/11/2006 21:43:27 industryelle OOOH I love this part!
10/11/2006 21:43:46 marilyn Books transend time so Transendant Books?
10/11/2006 21:43:51 Emfairmeadows Artist's Book shall contain at least one piece of metal.
10/11/2006 21:43:58 QuiQue industryelle, what would you see the purpose for the book exhibition?
10/11/2006 21:44:02 marilyn That's a title though not a statement of purpose
10/11/2006 21:45:08 VRock METAL BOOKS: The articfact of the book: ENtries made of metal or contain metal as a portion of the sculpturalobject
10/11/2006 21:45:17 industryelle To explore the concept of encapsulating human imagination through the medium of metal.
10/11/2006 21:45:20 * Anonymous216 joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 21:45:22 marilyn Does there have to be a purpose for making anying?
10/11/2006 21:45:41 marilyn industryelle, that does sound good
10/11/2006 21:46:08 QuiQue I like the title " can't judge a book by its cover...."
10/11/2006 21:46:27 VRock :$good point, M, though tonight I wish to define it that we have a statement of purpose fo rthe exhibiton
10/11/2006 21:47:15 VRock I like industryelle's idea/explore concept of...
10/11/2006 21:47:27 marilyn :-):-)I'm smiling. I happened to remember the bit from the seventies about the medium is the message and for this, the message is metal.
10/11/2006 21:47:37 QuiQue industryelle, I like "To explore the concept of encapsulating human imagination through the medium of metal." However, there has been some talk as to not limit it to any medium as long as it has a "bit" of metal.
10/11/2006 21:47:43 * VRock quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 21:47:48 marilyn BF who wrote that book anyway. I'd be surprised if you had not read it.
10/11/2006 21:48:32 marilyn The medium is the message, the message is the medium.
10/11/2006 21:48:40 VRock (Can't) Judge a book by its cover: METAL BOOKS: AN exhbition of...
10/11/2006 21:49:25 * VRock quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 21:49:30 QuiQue VRock, you're getting there with the title!
10/11/2006 21:49:40 VRock through the medium of metal and other materials..
10/11/2006 21:49:43 marilyn Hi anononymous 21
10/11/2006 21:50:17 industryelle The figurative expression of a book in the dictionary is an imaginary list or record. hmmm.
10/11/2006 21:50:18 bpfink Marshall McCluhan
10/11/2006 21:50:42 marilyn You got it bp,
10/11/2006 21:50:47 Emfairmeadows (Can't) Judge a book by its cover: METAL BOOKS: AN exhbition of the book as artifact.
10/11/2006 21:51:12 QuiQue Emfairmeadows, Yea!(h5)(h5)(h5)
10/11/2006 21:51:42 marilyn Metal as Message
10/11/2006 21:51:45 bpfink And it includes books, but works faster with electomanetic impulses...
10/11/2006 21:52:15 QuiQue "(Can't) Judge a book by its cover: METAL BOOKS: AN exhbition of the book as artifact." Has my vote.(Y)
10/11/2006 21:52:21 VRock metal seems to be artifact material
10/11/2006 21:52:32 Emfairmeadows Purpose:To explore the concept of encapsulating human imagination through the message of metal.
10/11/2006 21:52:36 * Anonymous216 joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 21:53:02 marilyn There, that last one is it.
10/11/2006 21:53:45 VRock mine too. i like that title muchly,liz!
10/11/2006 21:54:02 Emfairmeadows Next we'd have to come up with the specifics;)
10/11/2006 21:54:02 VRock through message of metal / medium of metal?
10/11/2006 21:54:06 marilyn Hi 216
10/11/2006 21:54:13 bpfink anything that lasts a long time can be an artifact material and top of the list is even clay, petrified soil and minerals on rock walls.
10/11/2006 21:54:22 Anonymous216 hola this is rocio
10/11/2006 21:54:23 * Anonymous403 joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 21:54:26 industryelle That's a book, a physical manifestation of imagination and metal as the medium. That is beautiful Emfairmeadows
10/11/2006 21:54:42 Emfairmeadows Hola Rocio!
10/11/2006 21:54:46 Anonymous403 Hi everybody...
10/11/2006 21:54:49 VRock and I agree that pictographs and sand paintings are drawings
10/11/2006 21:54:50 bpfink ferrous is more fleeting and paper is downright wispy
10/11/2006 21:55:13 marilyn rocio...great to talk with you(h5)(h5)
10/11/2006 21:55:15 * Anonymous403 changes his/her nickname to dick c
10/11/2006 21:55:28 Emfairmeadows Hello Dick
10/11/2006 21:55:32 VRock Hey Rocio! We are playing with the idea of onlne exhbition at artmetal with theme of books
10/11/2006 21:55:33 QuiQue Anonymous216, click on your name below the entry are to change it to Rocio
10/11/2006 21:55:34 * bpfink changes his/her nickname to Anonymous185
10/11/2006 21:55:35 marilyn and hi to dick c
10/11/2006 21:55:50 marilyn We've got a crowd
10/11/2006 21:56:07 VRock (Y)hi dick C
10/11/2006 21:56:09 * Anonymous185 joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 21:56:35 marilyn hi 185
10/11/2006 21:56:36 * Anonymous185 changes his/her nickname to bpfink
10/11/2006 21:56:52 Emfairmeadows So Bruce are you saying we would be better off putting a bunch of creatures together burying them in the sand and waiting some million years until they turn into limestone?
10/11/2006 21:57:03 industryelle I recently learned the history of intaglio print making. Pages of records of imagined patterns for armour. Metal to paper. Maybe one of the first processes to bridge the divide between metal and the book.
10/11/2006 21:57:11 marilyn Seems we lost rocio
10/11/2006 21:58:09 * smif joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 21:58:13 bpfink Nah, the language would be too foreign by then
10/11/2006 21:58:16 VRock So how do you think we ought to advertise this? A call for entries to artmetal members?
10/11/2006 21:58:27 Emfairmeadows I love intaglio.
10/11/2006 21:58:30 Anonymous216 Valerie, i'll be back in a couple of minutes, i'm in the middle of an interview by phone brb
10/11/2006 21:58:41 marilyn VRock, that sound good
10/11/2006 21:58:55 VRock c' mon back when time:-)
10/11/2006 21:59:07 Emfairmeadows Gene is that you?
10/11/2006 21:59:18 VRock hey smif
10/11/2006 22:00:07 smif so, are we gonna engrave stuff next summer? Elizabeth?
10/11/2006 22:00:16 * VRock quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 22:00:24 Emfairmeadows Yes VRock, we should send out a Call for Entries to artmetal members.
10/11/2006 22:00:36 VRock open to artmetal members...and truly anyone who wishes can easily beceom one
10/11/2006 22:00:47 VRock don't know why system says I am out:^)
10/11/2006 22:00:49 Emfairmeadows Absolutely, we should do some engraving before we form it.
10/11/2006 22:00:52 marilyn We gotta have a printing press to print with if we engrave don't we?
10/11/2006 22:01:06 marilyn I don't think I will engrave a book
10/11/2006 22:01:08 Emfairmeadows Not necessarily
10/11/2006 22:01:22 bpfink it is just that if it looks like a book, reads like a book, feels like a book and swims like a book it may still be other than a book. No limis there.
10/11/2006 22:01:26 * Anonymous216 changes his/her nickname to rocio
10/11/2006 22:01:27 Emfairmeadows The plates would be the pages
10/11/2006 22:01:37 smif I'm pretty good at the beat the h out of it part.
10/11/2006 22:02:23 VRock I like what bpf said "looks like, reads like, swims lke, but might not be...." cool
10/11/2006 22:02:29 marilyn Gene, what about a nice pig book?;)
10/11/2006 22:02:30 Emfairmeadows We just need resist, engraving tools and some scary chemicals.
10/11/2006 22:02:31 smif rocita, bueanas noches
10/11/2006 22:02:38 QuiQue bpfink, You want to include that in the purpose?;)
10/11/2006 22:03:08 bpfink just musing
10/11/2006 22:03:17 VRock HEY smif|-(a)a big, thick embossed cover.....!
10/11/2006 22:03:38 marilyn The Book that is not a Book
10/11/2006 22:04:06 rocio hola smif
10/11/2006 22:04:08 VRock so, we do a call for entries....people post front, side, inside images?
10/11/2006 22:04:09 bpfink one used to learn much from books but now they are just a part of it ... if at all.
10/11/2006 22:04:36 QuiQue So this is what we have so far... Purpose:To explore the concept of encapsulating human imagination through the message of metal. It is just that if it looks like a book, reads like a book, feels like a book and swims like a book it may still be other than a book. No limis there.
10/11/2006 22:04:49 smif I have a 4 ft wide set of pinch rolls. we could do some big stuff, and you can also work off plastic and other stuff.
10/11/2006 22:04:53 marilyn V that sounds good to me but then, I probably wouldn't be one to be welding it shut anyhow.8-)
10/11/2006 22:04:58 bpfink They are more international than voice or sight... but that too is moving on.
10/11/2006 22:05:52 marilyn Books still allow more imagination to work than other media
10/11/2006 22:06:03 VRock Good synopsis, QQ
10/11/2006 22:06:28 QuiQue I don't think we're there yet!(ci)
10/11/2006 22:06:50 VRock So, if you are an artist entering an online show, what other things would you want to know?
10/11/2006 22:07:23 marilyn will there be a charge?
10/11/2006 22:07:24 QuiQue I would like to be "inspired" to make an art book!
10/11/2006 22:07:25 bpfink That Marilyn is partly due to the gaps in the communication system that allows the reader / viewer to make and fill those spaces based on their own experiences and concepts.
10/11/2006 22:07:38 marilyn Most shows do so that would be a top question for me
10/11/2006 22:08:08 bpfink Also recognized sometimes by imagination or creative thinking IF one's thoughts are very different that the masses.
10/11/2006 22:08:17 * Anonymous935 joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 22:08:38 * Anonymous935 quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 22:08:59 marilyn If it were not an online show, I would want to know how long the pieces would be kept
10/11/2006 22:09:25 bpfink Been up since 3 so it's time to find me a good book (or not). nite all.
10/11/2006 22:09:44 Emfairmeadows G'nite Bruce;)
10/11/2006 22:09:50 VRock there is a suggestion that there be a traveling show as well as the online show. If so,
10/11/2006 22:09:56 VRock (bah)(bah)night BPF
10/11/2006 22:10:00 dick c Good night bp
10/11/2006 22:10:14 QuiQue marilyn, we're going to start with an online show, and if it really turns out to be good, we may see if we can find a venue for exhibiting it in the "real world".
10/11/2006 22:10:20 marilyn so nighty nite
10/11/2006 22:10:38 marilyn Ok QQ that makes sense
10/11/2006 22:10:40 * bpfink quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 22:10:41 QuiQue bpfink, thanks for comin'
10/11/2006 22:11:17 VRock I don't see it as needing an entry fee. But if we want awards we might consider sponsors...
10/11/2006 22:12:34 QuiQue If we want awards, then we should have an entry fee. Finding sponsors is going to put time restraints on somebody.
10/11/2006 22:12:35 * rocio changes his/her nickname to Anonymous935
10/11/2006 22:12:46 * Anonymous935 changes his/her nickname to rocio
10/11/2006 22:12:54 marilyn I'm dropping out a bit. It's time for ice cream
10/11/2006 22:13:00 smif The metalmeet guys are always talking vendors into dontating items for prices,
10/11/2006 22:13:07 * marilyn winkley joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 22:13:08 * rocio changes his/her nickname to Anonymous935
10/11/2006 22:13:29 QuiQue We would need the sponsor before we start the submissions so that we can determine what the prizes will be.
10/11/2006 22:13:32 smif ice cream, welcome Marilyn
10/11/2006 22:13:41 Emfairmeadows Happy ice cream Marilyn S.
10/11/2006 22:13:45 VRock Thanks for being here, M. And we'll be getting a group of interested people to thinkmore on it
10/11/2006 22:14:26 industryelle My littlest girl is fussing, Ive got to go. Can't wait to hear more on this!
10/11/2006 22:14:43 VRock Hello, Marilyn W!!
10/11/2006 22:14:48 Emfairmeadows Bye Industryelle, thatnks for the ideas!
10/11/2006 22:14:49 QuiQue industryelle, thanks for your contribution!
10/11/2006 22:14:59 smif bye,
10/11/2006 22:15:02 VRock Industryelle, thanks for being here, want to join to talk more offline?
10/11/2006 22:15:15 * Anonymous935 joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 22:15:28 dick c bye
10/11/2006 22:15:45 * VRock quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 22:15:45 QuiQue dick c, leaving?
10/11/2006 22:16:01 * Anonymous935 changes his/her nickname to rocio
10/11/2006 22:16:24 * VRock quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 22:16:44 dick c Is industryelle on the mail list?
10/11/2006 22:17:00 QuiQue dick c, I was hoping you could chime in on this book exhibition chat.
10/11/2006 22:17:04 * VRock quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 22:17:13 dick c no, said goodbye to i
10/11/2006 22:17:19 VRock so, Marilyn, to post a thought, type in long horzontal white box at bottom and then hit your enter key
10/11/2006 22:17:30 QuiQue I don't know who industryelle is.
10/11/2006 22:17:31 industryelle She's asleep I hope. I've been in artmetal for a while, I've just been a lurker (feeling sheepish).
10/11/2006 22:17:32 Emfairmeadows I think she's just on
10/11/2006 22:17:32 smif lessee I think the timeout thing is getting the slow responders, is there any way to increase that time
10/11/2006 22:18:14 VRock still here...
10/11/2006 22:18:18 QuiQue dick c, we're going to need a good image/logo for the exhibition. Care to consider coming up with something?
10/11/2006 22:18:25 VRock 8-)
10/11/2006 22:18:27 VRock 8-)
10/11/2006 22:18:36 VRock marilyn w, type in bottom line and then hit enter key
10/11/2006 22:18:47 rocio i'm here reading but i'm having a lot of trouble w the connection
10/11/2006 22:18:54 Emfairmeadows No need to feel sheepish, I think we all lurk!
10/11/2006 22:18:57 smif industryelle, working at what scale?
10/11/2006 22:19:25 QuiQue smif, how long is the timeout thing occuring with you?
10/11/2006 22:19:29 smif and sometimes lurch
10/11/2006 22:19:33 VRock So far we have title (Can't) Judge a book by its cover: METAL BOOKS: An exhibit of the book as artifact
10/11/2006 22:20:05 VRock (my timeout was minute of so.....then would not post)
10/11/2006 22:20:09 smif no, I talk too much. It seems hard on the lurkers.
10/11/2006 22:20:24 Emfairmeadows Purpose:To explore the concept of encapsulating human imagination through the message of metal. If it looks like a book, reads like a book, feels like a book and swims like a book it may still be other than a book. A physical manifestation of imagination expressed through our common medium. Submitted books shall contain at least one piece of metal and shall contain pag
10/11/2006 22:20:42 QuiQue rocio, are you talking about internet connection, or chat connection?
10/11/2006 22:20:47 dick c How soon is this show going to be? How long for submissions?
10/11/2006 22:20:51 Emfairmeadows pages made of actual three dimensional material.
10/11/2006 22:20:55 VRock OOH, thanks for quick / good write up, Liz
10/11/2006 22:21:00 industryelle Qui Que, I am a blacksmithing and sculptural welding instructor in Minneapolis who is just ascending the sheer wall instead of the normal learning curve that is public art. Love metal love creating amazing spaces. WHere to go from here? I was hoping you guys knew.
10/11/2006 22:21:35 VRock GENE is in St Paul, you have got to meet him, Industryelle
10/11/2006 22:21:46 Emfairmeadows V ROCK I have a side window open. And I just cut and paste.
10/11/2006 22:22:31 VRock So, DIck, we are in the design stages here. But my vision is to have call for entries, image posted to an entry site Feb 1-24 and show open March 15
10/11/2006 22:22:32 smif only part time,Val. The studio is in Elk River,
10/11/2006 22:23:06 * smif changes his/her nickname to Gene
10/11/2006 22:23:48 Emfairmeadows Hi Rocio:-P
10/11/2006 22:23:49 Gene Where are you teaching?
10/11/2006 22:24:13 VRock Would like to have a group of compadres to help develop the parameters of show
10/11/2006 22:24:18 industryelle Vrock, about ten years ago, one of my first experiences with welding was through the Guild of Metalsmith's at Gene and Chris' shop. Good peeps!
10/11/2006 22:24:18 rocio hi Liz
10/11/2006 22:24:47 marilyn winkley It just takes me awhile to figure things out. I think I'm in now. Hi
10/11/2006 22:24:53 dick c Mar 15... That's not too bad. Even a little longer would be fine.
10/11/2006 22:25:13 VRock Took me a bit too, Hi Marilyn
10/11/2006 22:26:05 VRock (F)
10/11/2006 22:26:16 * Emfairmeadows quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 22:26:45 QuiQue dick c, your artwork would be due way before then:-P
10/11/2006 22:27:58 VRock SO, Industryelle (cool name), I taught a weeklong one there at their place...was that it?
10/11/2006 22:28:10 * rocio changes his/her nickname to Anonymous935
10/11/2006 22:28:16 VRock Hmm, Dick, I had thought Ides of March would be cool...
10/11/2006 22:28:17 marilyn I'm back and Feb seems early to me
10/11/2006 22:28:28 VRock But actually, I have more time to devote to this if it was after semester....
10/11/2006 22:28:41 VRock How far out do you think we ought to go in order to have enough time to plan?
10/11/2006 22:28:42 * Anonymous935 joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 22:28:50 VRock Too far out a deadline lets me get (tu)(tu)(tu)L A Z Y
10/11/2006 22:28:55 * Anonymous935 changes his/her nickname to rocio again
10/11/2006 22:29:08 Gene I am just wracking my brane trying to picture you. i.
10/11/2006 22:29:08 dick c My artwork? My artwork is along the lines of cartoons ....
10/11/2006 22:29:11 VRock Hey Marilyn, we have Marilyn Winkley too tonight
10/11/2006 22:29:21 industryelle Smif is Gene huh? I met a gentleman by the name of Fred Lehmann recently. Evidently we have him in common!
10/11/2006 22:29:34 marilyn Yes, deadlines can motivate
10/11/2006 22:29:37 dick c March is probably just fine.
10/11/2006 22:30:02 marilyn I cought that, hi marilyn winkley
10/11/2006 22:30:46 Gene yes fred, contractor, developer, dreamer, and all round nice guy
10/11/2006 22:30:57 * marilyn winkley joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 22:31:04 VRock so what do other folks think of entries Feb? Show March? Is Feb too close to Christmas end slump?
10/11/2006 22:31:14 QuiQue VRock, we're going to need time to develop the front end for the exhibition, and at least 3 months to promote it. Right?
10/11/2006 22:32:01 * rocio again joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 22:32:06 QuiQue So, how does summer sound?
10/11/2006 22:32:10 rocio again Will be available this chat in artmetal site to read it later?
10/11/2006 22:32:11 VRock Yes, yet we don't want to get into the summer art fair schedule?...
10/11/2006 22:32:17 Gene In case you were unaware of the Shindig next year's is at our place.
10/11/2006 22:32:21 dick c It ould be nice to have the books together at Gene's place next summer
10/11/2006 22:32:24 marilyn Summer sounds good for me.
10/11/2006 22:32:32 * marilyn winkley joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 22:32:39 QuiQue Here's a picture of what has brought the book exhibition into the light...
10/11/2006 22:32:55 VRock OOOOHHHH! Great idea, Dick!!!(Y)
10/11/2006 22:33:08 marilyn The online show could go on before Shindig 3
10/11/2006 22:33:19 QuiQue rocio again, no, the chat is temporary.
10/11/2006 22:33:23 marilyn Then we could bring them with us for show and tell
10/11/2006 22:33:27 industryelle Gene, the hammer in?
10/11/2006 22:33:31 VRock i agree, Marilyn
10/11/2006 22:34:01 * marilyn winkley joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 22:34:12 Gene Sue Seegar who is a few miles from me and was at t]Vals class has been doing metal covers for some time.
10/11/2006 22:34:19 QuiQue Gene, that would be great! But how would folks get the books to you if they are not going to attend the shindig?
10/11/2006 22:34:26 Emfairmeadows There it is the actual show that we wanted but were afraid to commit to organize.
10/11/2006 22:34:54 Gene Yeah, hammer in, party, what have you next June over fathers day weekend
10/11/2006 22:34:57 dick c UPS
10/11/2006 22:35:16 Emfairmeadows Just like any other show wouldn't the applicants be responsible for shipping to and from the show?
10/11/2006 22:35:19 rocio again i can't on Father's Day weekend, i have to be in monterrey
10/11/2006 22:35:37 Gene True, they do stop here quite often Dick.
10/11/2006 22:35:45 VRock :-Dand I thought that the actual show would be so much harder than the virtual show! ShinDig!
10/11/2006 22:36:21 QuiQue Gene, can the exhibition be held in town at a gallery or museum?
10/11/2006 22:36:33 * marilyn winkley joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 22:36:35 rocio again i had done books too, i'll try to get images if i can find who got them
10/11/2006 22:36:41 Gene I could explore venues but I know a coffee house that would almost certainly be interested.
10/11/2006 22:37:12 industryelle Gene, I do have a husband /father of my two children to consider, but he has resigned himself to the havoc that metal wreaks on our relationship. I'm in.
10/11/2006 22:37:13 VRock Gene, how about that place that had the sumi art that Chris was in?
10/11/2006 22:37:42 Emfairmeadows Size may be an issue. Can we supply prints of the books that are too large to fit through the door?
10/11/2006 22:38:21 VRock size - there may be some of them entered online that do not go to shindg
10/11/2006 22:38:35 industryelle Emfairmeadows, I am inspired just by the thought that some may be too large to fit through the door!
10/11/2006 22:38:52 Gene Bloomington art center, there are a number of possiblilties, but that one is about an hour south. Maybe Minnetonka?
10/11/2006 22:38:52 QuiQue Emfairmeadows, you think big don't ya! Does it have to do with height!;)
10/11/2006 22:39:09 Emfairmeadows Well height and stone really!
10/11/2006 22:39:41 VRock Liz is opposite of Nepolian symdrome! Tall, tall, svelte
10/11/2006 22:39:53 Emfairmeadows I keep thinking that Heath and Reis may make something monumental.
10/11/2006 22:40:14 marilyn We need to get Heath back.
10/11/2006 22:40:23 marilyn this project may do it.
10/11/2006 22:40:24 Emfairmeadows And nunlike in my fireman's hood.
10/11/2006 22:40:24 QuiQue Gene, if we could get a respected art institution to host the exhibit, it may open the doors for sponsors?... just thinkin (ci)
10/11/2006 22:40:37 Gene Elk River has an arts council and we might be able to get a grant for the display, There is also the minnesota center for the book arts who might take it on for a giggle.'
10/11/2006 22:40:40 VRock I did send hm a personal invite to chat. And will talkoffline soon
10/11/2006 22:41:12 industryelle I work at Minneapolis Community and Techinical College. Very art focused.
10/11/2006 22:41:46 QuiQue marilyn, Heath is back on the mail list but he hasn't been very vocal.
10/11/2006 22:41:50 VRock neat! Gene! "minnesota center for the book arts" . Will be good to check out and contact/offer
10/11/2006 22:41:50 rocio again why did you choose father's day weekend for the shndg? i can in any date but that weekend it is impossible because my parent's celebrate their anniversary i can't
10/11/2006 22:42:21 Emfairmeadows Gene, are some folks coming early?
10/11/2006 22:42:34 marilyn How did we set that as a date anyhow?
10/11/2006 22:42:39 QuiQue Gene, tell us more about "minnesota center for the book arts"
10/11/2006 22:43:10 Emfairmeadows I'll be right back, popcorn calls.
10/11/2006 22:43:14 * rocio again changes his/her nickname to Anonymous935
10/11/2006 22:43:25 QuiQue industryelle, do you think there may be an interest in the book exhibition?
10/11/2006 22:43:30 * Anonymous935 changes his/her nickname to dew
10/11/2006 22:43:38 dick c Wouldn't they like to celebrate in Minnesota?
10/11/2006 22:43:44 marilyn hi dew
10/11/2006 22:43:50 VRock Say, friends, are some of you interested in getting this exhibition fleshed out ?
10/11/2006 22:43:58 Gene Chrissy has taken classes there, on binding and printing. I know it mainly by name and having beenin the building once.
10/11/2006 22:44:17 * dew changes his/her nickname to Anonymous935
10/11/2006 22:44:46 * Anonymous935 joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 22:45:14 VRock There is an exhibition discussion group on the site if you want to continue to add ideas after this caht
10/11/2006 22:45:17 industryelle I am excited to broach the subject as last summer I did a public art project where the president of the college spoke at the dedication. It is a new regime there. Art is king.
10/11/2006 22:45:42 * Anonymous935 changes his/her nickname to dew
10/11/2006 22:45:47 QuiQue link to the book arts
10/11/2006 22:46:44 VRock thanks, QQ, for posting that!
10/11/2006 22:47:52 QuiQue Winners of the Dia de los Muertos Postcard Contest
10/11/2006 22:48:11 * marilyn winkley joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 22:48:12 VRock so it seems from the conversation tonight that there is definitely an interest in having this show(H)
10/11/2006 22:48:30 QuiQue If they have a postcard contest, to be sure they would love a metal book exhibition!
10/11/2006 22:49:00 dew .
10/11/2006 22:49:11 QuiQue VRock, looks like it! Now to organize it... you are going to take the bull by the horns...?
10/11/2006 22:50:14 VRock I surely am fired up on this, yes, QQ. Who'all wants to play to build this show?
10/11/2006 22:51:31 QuiQue dew, . :-)
10/11/2006 22:51:47 Emfairmeadows Sounds like a blast.<:o)
10/11/2006 22:51:49 dew .
10/11/2006 22:51:52 VRock we'll also be talking about judging the show, how it looks onsite, viewers choice voting, where to advertist before and during exhib
10/11/2006 22:51:54 industryelle I'm in. I have a connection (family) to bookarts center in Minneapolis and the love of metal is not just mine (intaglio connection too) I know that Minneapolis will embrace this idea, I just need to do some connecting of dots.
10/11/2006 22:52:21 Gene Due tell
10/11/2006 22:52:22 VRock great! I look forward to working with you
10/11/2006 22:52:28 QuiQue industryelle, yeay!!!(h5)(h5)(h5)
10/11/2006 22:52:29 marilyn V do you want to set other chats on the subject?
10/11/2006 22:53:01 VRock there is an exhb discussion group...but yes, this is great brainstorming here
10/11/2006 22:53:21 VRock Any suggestion of another time/day to chat on this, people?
10/11/2006 22:53:44 * marilyn winkley joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 22:54:08 QuiQue I prefer later at night and during the week.
10/11/2006 22:54:34 Emfairmeadows Friday nights work for me.
10/11/2006 22:54:46 VRock Sure, thursday night? And I like later too.
10/11/2006 22:54:53 Gene I started a netal cover for a book some time ago but decided i didn't like the composition and never finished it.
10/11/2006 22:55:19 Emfairmeadows Seize the day!
10/11/2006 22:55:28 VRock now you have the reason to finish it :-o
10/11/2006 22:55:29 marilyn Late nights are best for me too
10/11/2006 22:55:44 Gene Sure I'm in too. and I know Chrissy and Sue Seegar will jump in Marcia too.
10/11/2006 22:55:55 VRock Friday late, QQ?
10/11/2006 22:55:55 QuiQue VRock, say Thursday night starting at 11pm est?
10/11/2006 22:56:08 industryelle The director of the welding program at MCTC is the intaglio fanatic (built his own press from scratch and I mean scratch) and would be thrilled to be involved in such a combination of personal passions (paper and metal).
10/11/2006 22:56:23 VRock Thanks, Gene, can you direct them to that exhib disc group/ or next chat?
10/11/2006 22:56:33 Gene Gotta watch them Carpe's Liz.
10/11/2006 22:57:05 Emfairmeadows Do they bite?
10/11/2006 22:57:39 QuiQue Exhibition Discussion Group at ArtMetal
10/11/2006 22:57:52 VRock as far as paper and metal, Industryelle, every time I plasma cut out a shape, I think of having some nice thick paper soaked...ready to do intalglio printintg...and do an emboss. DEEP
10/11/2006 22:58:07 Gene I can try. I am on Chrissy's laptop tonight as mine choked and died last night, and goes in v fibrulation on startup.
10/11/2006 22:58:33 QuiQue Gene, pc virus?
10/11/2006 22:59:04 industryelle Gene please tell me you mean Marcia McEchron(sp) I just had Al Olson(pres of the Gulid of Metalsmiths) come down to my shop to see my forge building class because I wanted to have the guild participate in finding a co instructor for an advanced smithing class!
10/11/2006 22:59:06 VRock hey, everyone! Thanks so very much for coming to talk about this exhibition!
10/11/2006 22:59:33 * dew changes his/her nickname to rocio can't rea
10/11/2006 22:59:36 VRock Shalll we do another chat next week, Friday night?(H)
10/11/2006 22:59:48 * rocio can't rea changes his/her nickname to rocio
10/11/2006 22:59:52 marilyn by then, I hear Elizabeth's popcorn calling
10/11/2006 22:59:59 Gene so to get her on I'll have to get the other going. no Compac disease. I had been praying this reformat and reload would last til Vista came out.
10/11/2006 23:00:33 Emfairmeadows Popcorn is all gone now. MMMMMmmm!
10/11/2006 23:00:50 industryelle Friday night works for me, it should give me some time to explore options.
10/11/2006 23:01:07 QuiQue VRock, sure, but we're still here. So let's focus on the requirements.
10/11/2006 23:01:11 Gene January, they say and no sane person jumps on an OS until it has a few months on it.
10/11/2006 23:01:17 Emfairmeadows I can do next Friday night!
10/11/2006 23:01:32 VRock Friday okay for everyone? Like 9-11 midwest time?
10/11/2006 23:02:14 Emfairmeadows Is that 10-12 eastern? yes!
10/11/2006 23:02:29 VRock THANK YOU AGAIN, ALL!;) See you Friday Nov 17, yes, Liz!
10/11/2006 23:02:44 Gene Should work.
10/11/2006 23:02:47 QuiQue industryelle, can you check asap on an exhibition date from the book arts? I just hope that there will not be a conflict between that and the shindig dates.
10/11/2006 23:03:03 Emfairmeadows Thanks Val for stirring this all up!!!!
10/11/2006 23:03:09 rocio i have central time, what's the diffrence w eastern time ?
10/11/2006 23:03:25 VRock *-)must go now. carry on chatting <G> will write down notes and thoughts....
10/11/2006 23:03:30 QuiQue VRock, yep, thanks!(Y)
10/11/2006 23:03:34 rocio Thanks Val !
10/11/2006 23:03:51 * Emfairmeadows quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 23:04:01 industryelle I'd be glad to!
10/11/2006 23:04:51 QuiQue industryelle, cool <:o)
10/11/2006 23:04:57 dick c Later Val. good work.
10/11/2006 23:05:31 Gene There are also a couple other possible galleries.too, So it is not hanging on one venue.
10/11/2006 23:05:36 * VRock quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 23:05:38 QuiQue dick c, how are you able to stay logged on for so long without having to enter some text?
10/11/2006 23:06:14 QuiQue Gene, maybe you and industryelle can coordinate the location for the exhibit?
10/11/2006 23:06:37 QuiQue I guess we're going to have to come up with a good
10/11/2006 23:07:00 QuiQue "statement of purpose" / description for you guys to take?
10/11/2006 23:07:20 industryelle Gene, can I give you a ring?
10/11/2006 23:07:24 dick c QuiQue, I think everything is getting said...
10/11/2006 23:07:25 rocio ...
10/11/2006 23:07:30 Emfairmeadows Is central midwest timezone?
10/11/2006 23:07:49 * VRock quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 23:08:02 Emfairmeadows I'm looking...
10/11/2006 23:08:12 Gene Sure that is 763-441-1563
10/11/2006 23:08:58 Emfairmeadows Rocio you should be in the same timezone as Valerie, right?
10/11/2006 23:09:02 QuiQue dick c, good! whew...:^)
10/11/2006 23:09:06 dick c Midwest is mostly Central, I guess Michigan's still in Eastern
10/11/2006 23:09:24 * VRock quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 23:09:26 rocio i dont know now it is 10:10 here
10/11/2006 23:09:30 Gene Another possiblitly would be Frank Stone's gallery. he does metal stuff too. If he is open, I'll bet he would be tickled to host it.'
10/11/2006 23:09:35 VRock Hi, I copied and pasted the chat into a doc and saved.
10/11/2006 23:09:57 rocio can i have a copy Val please?
10/11/2006 23:09:59 Gene as it is here Rocio, Central standard time.
10/11/2006 23:10:02 QuiQue If everyone would set their time zone in the user account, the event will give you the correct date.
10/11/2006 23:10:05 Emfairmeadows Rocio it's 11:10 here Eastern time
10/11/2006 23:10:06 VRock Will do some edit and put it for access at that exhib group disc
10/11/2006 23:10:47 * Lynda Metcalfe joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 23:11:26 QuiQue When you have time, take a look at the last video tutorial. It goes into time zones and much, much more. ... m_user_account_setup
10/11/2006 23:11:32 Gene Metacalf, veal are ewe.
10/11/2006 23:11:50 Emfairmeadows Hi Lynda!
10/11/2006 23:11:52 Lynda Metcalfe Hey Gene
10/11/2006 23:11:56 VRock Again, thanks all for discussing this show. Great start. And Gene, Industryelle, great on the exhibition locationfor actual pieces
10/11/2006 23:11:58 QuiQue VRock, did you make a blog post of it?
10/11/2006 23:12:02 industryelle Gene, I am sure you're right. Frank would be thrilled. I can call him tomorrow to see when he would have available.
10/11/2006 23:12:02 Lynda Metcalfe Hey Elizabeth
10/11/2006 23:12:16 rocio hola Lynda
10/11/2006 23:12:23 Lynda Metcalfe Rocio Hi!!!
10/11/2006 23:12:37 Lynda Metcalfe Did I catch that you had saved the Chat Valerie?
10/11/2006 23:12:43 VRock QQ, not a blog post yet, no. Did save to word on computer. Will post later...
10/11/2006 23:12:54 dick c Hi Lynda
10/11/2006 23:13:02 Lynda Metcalfe Hi Dick
10/11/2006 23:13:08 Lynda Metcalfe Sorry I missed the fun tonight!
10/11/2006 23:13:18 VRock GREAT, Lynda! Could you post it as a blog to the exhibition discussion group?
10/11/2006 23:13:23 Lynda Metcalfe And Marilyn & QQ
10/11/2006 23:13:29 QuiQue VRock, might be good to post it in the Exhibition Discussion Group.
10/11/2006 23:13:40 QuiQue Lynda Metcalfe, (F)
10/11/2006 23:14:01 Lynda Metcalfe OH so sweet(})
10/11/2006 23:14:11 VRock ooops, misread Lynda. Yes, will try to copy it and make it look decent.Back soon....
10/11/2006 23:14:29 * Anonymous935 joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 23:14:48 Lynda Metcalfe Elmer says Hi too, he just walked the dog
10/11/2006 23:14:49 rocio i have to go to take my "cocktail" i'll see you next week, and thanks for your prayers and best wishes.
10/11/2006 23:14:55 * VRock quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 23:15:12 rocio Good night to all
10/11/2006 23:15:13 Lynda Metcalfe best wishes Rocio - big hug
10/11/2006 23:15:28 rocio hugs too and kisses to Joel
10/11/2006 23:15:29 * dick c quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 23:15:40 Emfairmeadows Goodnight Rocio!:-)
10/11/2006 23:15:41 * Anonymous345 joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 23:15:49 * Anonymous345 changes his/her nickname to dick c
10/11/2006 23:15:57 * VRock quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 23:15:59 * Anonymous935 quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 23:16:10 QuiQue rocio, que duermas con los angeles!
10/11/2006 23:16:13 dick c Good night Rocio
10/11/2006 23:16:32 rocio nite lizzzz kisses to my i mean your boys. Bye Gene! Dick! Nice meeting you Industryelle, Marilyn!!!! niteeee
10/11/2006 23:16:51 rocio Gracias Enrique
10/11/2006 23:16:52 industryelle Good night all! It's been lovely!
10/11/2006 23:17:19 QuiQue industryelle, enjoyed your contributions! night
10/11/2006 23:17:22 * rocio quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 23:17:24 dick c Goo dnight. Nice meeting you
10/11/2006 23:17:41 * marilyn winkley quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 23:17:49 Emfairmeadows It's nice to meet you Industryelle
10/11/2006 23:18:02 Gene catch you later industryelle.
10/11/2006 23:18:26 QuiQue Lynda Metcalfe, how's all that hammerin goin'?
10/11/2006 23:18:30 Lynda Metcalfe Sorry I'm out of the loop - parents visiting from UK (bit hectic)- is Valerie going to post info on the exhibition?
10/11/2006 23:18:50 Lynda Metcalfe QQ Its great but I'm a little frustrated at the slow pace right now
10/11/2006 23:18:53 QuiQue Lynda Metcalfe, yes
10/11/2006 23:18:59 Lynda Metcalfe But we got a 155lb Big Blu
10/11/2006 23:20:02 QuiQue Lynda Metcalfe, have you been using it or just Elmer?
10/11/2006 23:20:08 * industryelle quit (timeout)
10/11/2006 23:20:22 Lynda Metcalfe QuiQue, he doesn't get all the fun!!
10/11/2006 23:20:35 Lynda Metcalfe I've been in the shop most of the week
10/11/2006 23:20:43 QuiQue good!:-D
10/11/2006 23:21:05 Lynda Metcalfe But feeling like a big wimp, I am so unfit, I ache all aover!
10/11/2006 23:21:16 QuiQue What are you guys working on?
10/11/2006 23:21:35 Lynda Metcalfe A railing for chattanooga, design I'm really pleased about but ..
10/11/2006 23:21:39 QuiQue comes with age honey!
10/11/2006 23:22:09 Lynda Metcalfe but now I have to put my hammer where my pen is
10/11/2006 23:22:25 Lynda Metcalfe we've been forging 1/2 x 4 today
10/11/2006 23:22:45 QuiQue Are you taking "in process" pictures of the commission?
10/11/2006 23:23:12 Lynda Metcalfe yes I have some and meant to post to sandbox, just short on time right now
10/11/2006 23:23:17 QuiQue what are you doing to the 1/2 x 4?
10/11/2006 23:23:46 * Bob joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 23:23:58 Lynda Metcalfe 7in volute scroll one end, widens to 6" in middle, narrows to 3, flares back out to 6 at other end for another scroll
10/11/2006 23:24:16 Lynda Metcalfe its like 4ft long
10/11/2006 23:24:29 QuiQue Bob, hi 8-|
10/11/2006 23:24:39 Bob hi all
10/11/2006 23:24:56 Bob don't mind me.
10/11/2006 23:25:15 Gene so you are upsetting it in the middle then,edgewize?
10/11/2006 23:25:19 QuiQue god, that sounds like lots of forging!
10/11/2006 23:25:28 dick c Hi Bob.... Big Bob?
10/11/2006 23:25:46 Lynda Metcalfe Gene, yes, that's where the Big Blu came in useful!
10/11/2006 23:25:54 Bob Bob
10/11/2006 23:26:00 QuiQue 4' long eh? You like pain, don'tcha? :-S
10/11/2006 23:26:22 Emfairmeadows Hi Bob
10/11/2006 23:26:27 Lynda Metcalfe Its for a corner piece that's kind of like a ship's figurehead
10/11/2006 23:26:40 Bob hello
10/11/2006 23:28:26 Emfairmeadows (Can't) Judge a book by its cover: METAL BOOKS: AN exhbition of the book as artifact.Purpose:To explore the concept of encapsulating human imagination through the message of metal.
10/11/2006 23:28:45 Emfairmeadows If it looks like a book, reads like a book, feels like a book and swims like a book it may still be other than a book. A physical manifestation of imagination expressed through our common medium. Submitted books shall contain at least one piece of metal and shall contain pages made of actual three dimensional material.
10/11/2006 23:29:08 Lynda Metcalfe MMM sounds interesting
10/11/2006 23:29:14 Emfairmeadows That's the recap of what we decided during the metal book chat.
10/11/2006 23:29:39 QuiQue Emfairmeadows, thanks
10/11/2006 23:29:49 Emfairmeadows Valerie is probably removing all the date entries from the log of the chat.
10/11/2006 23:29:55 QuiQue Lynda Metcalfe, any thoughts?
10/11/2006 23:30:02 Lynda Metcalfe Bravo to you guys for formulating it that far!
10/11/2006 23:30:26 Lynda Metcalfe QuiQue, not immediately!
10/11/2006 23:31:08 QuiQue Looks like we may also have a real exhibition during the shindig at Gene's this coming summer.
10/11/2006 23:31:27 Emfairmeadows The images of the pages of the book will be sumbitted in February. The online show will start in March.
10/11/2006 23:32:23 dick c "The images of the pages of the book..." Are we doing pages or books?
10/11/2006 23:32:37 Emfairmeadows Hopefully someone, nudge, nudge, hint, hint will make a book too large to bring to the Shindig.
10/11/2006 23:32:43 QuiQue Both, either?
10/11/2006 23:33:04 dick c or are we posting images of all the pages of our books?
10/11/2006 23:33:19 Emfairmeadows Yes, there will be actual books with cover and pages, but we talked about being able to scroll through the book.
10/11/2006 23:33:23 Lynda Metcalfe I should hope as much info/detail as poss
10/11/2006 23:33:27 QuiQue good question dick!
10/11/2006 23:34:39 Emfairmeadows That's good to note.
10/11/2006 23:34:55 QuiQue dick c, I think that there should be a way to show an overview of the book and then all pages.
10/11/2006 23:34:56 dick c missed that
10/11/2006 23:34:57 Emfairmeadows QQ any thoughts about image size limits.
10/11/2006 23:35:38 Emfairmeadows If everyone who submits a book with 15 pages that could be problematic?
10/11/2006 23:36:18 Emfairmeadows Should we set a maximum number of pages that we'll post?
10/11/2006 23:37:58 Gene Ondanon and Ondandon
10/11/2006 23:38:13 dick c I guess if someone goes to the effort of making a lot of pages they deserve to have them shown....
10/11/2006 23:38:34 Lynda Metcalfe Is server space an issue right now?
10/11/2006 23:38:41 Emfairmeadows I wondered when someone would notice that I never stopped for air...:-D
10/11/2006 23:38:54 QuiQue image size limits will have to be the current settings. You can upload up to a 2 meg file, but it will be resized by the system to fit a 500 pixel width. The original can still be seen by members, but not the general public.
10/11/2006 23:39:41 QuiQue Lynda Metcalfe, not really
10/11/2006 23:41:16 QuiQue One thing we haven't gone over is "acceptance to the show." How will this be determined fairly?
10/11/2006 23:41:43 dick c All comers?
10/11/2006 23:42:12 Lynda Metcalfe Presumably a/m members
10/11/2006 23:43:07 QuiQue I know there is a voting module that I can incorporate into the exhibition, but will there be any prequalification requirements?
10/11/2006 23:43:47 dick c one would have to join up to post... right?
10/11/2006 23:43:58 QuiQue yep
10/11/2006 23:44:07 Emfairmeadows Yes
10/11/2006 23:45:03 QuiQue we can create a gallery that will require moderator approval before someone can post? But I'm not sure this is the way to go.
10/11/2006 23:45:29 * Lynda Metcalfe joins ArtMetal Chat Cafe
10/11/2006 23:46:12 Lynda Metcalfe Oooh hit a google ad by mistake, but have to crash now anyway, 1/4 to midnight late enough, Gnight all
10/11/2006 23:46:39 QuiQue Lynda Metcalfe, nighty night nite
10/11/2006 23:46:41 dick c Email submissions to Val?
10/11/2006 23:46:49 dick c Nite Lynda
10/11/2006 23:46:52 Lynda Metcalfe look forward to looking for full info on the recent posts
10/11/2006 23:46:56 Emfairmeadows I guess those are the kinds of things we'll hammer out during next Friday night's chat.
10/11/2006 23:47:00 QuiQue I'm a bit worn out too folks. Been here since 9pm est, and haven't even taken a pee break!