Which Posts Automatically go to Main Community News Page

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The following types of documents automatically get promoted to the main Community News page:

  1. Blog Entry
  2. Events
  3. Polls

Note that images DO NOT automatically show up on the Community News page. If you want your images to be shown on the community news page, then simply create a blog entry and put your image into it.

Main difference for the images not automatically being posted on the community news page is that sometimes you want to just upload an image into the galleries or yak group and you may not care to have it so prominently displayed. Also, most folks will use the image to blog about and then we would get a double entry in the community news section. Make sense?

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Images on 'Recent posts' list

OK can we prevent individual images (that were added during a blog or comment) from showing up on the
'Recent posts' list?

If nothing else it seems a waste of space on the page for people who see the blog entry and then a separate entry for each image that was in the blog too.

If I delete the images as separate entries will that delete them from the main post too?


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Recent posts is just that.

Recent posts is just that. Recent entries. There's no way to have any type of post from NOT showing up in recent posts. Actually, if you notice, a comment made to an old post will promote the old post back to the top of recent posts due to the "new" comment.

News page or Community page, which can also be referred to as the community blog page only shows blogs that have been posted. Blogs posts can be in the various groups or personal blog. This is the only place that will NOT show individual images or other posts that were not blog related.

If you delete an image that was used in your blog, then yes, the image will also be deleted from the blog post. So, my suggestion is to NOT delete images that you know you have used elsewhere on the site.

I hope I am making sense and not complicating the issue...