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Content Spamming and Tagging or Spamdexing

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WHAT IS CONTENT SPAMMING? Best description of the various types of unwanted spamming can be found in Wikipedia's description of Spamdexing.

Tutorial: ArtMetal.com User Account Setup

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click blue triangle to listen now! ArtMetal_User_Setup.mov

This is the last in a series of video tutorials on using the artmetal.com web site. The tutorial goes over the initial setup a new user should consider implementing when they first log into their account. In essence, the tutorial shows how to customize the users experience here at ArtMetal.

Video Tutorial: Creating a Blog Post

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Here's a video tutorial on how to create a blog post. The tutorial goes into using the default ascii text entry, uploading an image via this interface, and then changing the interface to the gui "enable rich-text" and editing/adding more images. The tutorial is geared towards the novice user.

Video Tutorial: Uploading Images

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This is the first in a series of video tutorials covering different aspects of using the social networking capabilities of the ArtMetal.com web site. This tutorial goes into the user friendly interface for any member of the ArtMetal community to upload images to their personal accounts.

Temporary ArtMetal Outage

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I'd like to apologize for the last couple of days. Our service provider decided it was best for all clients to be upgraded to a newer version of php. Well, our content management system didn't like it! After a long search for the fix, we now believe the site is fixed and you should be able to create posts and comment on other peoples posts.

Temporary Possible Loss of Entries

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The ArtMetal server has been moved to a VPS account. Due to the move from one server to the other, we may see loss of entries, whether blog posts or comments, not appearing on the new site. This should only occur over the next 2-3 days. So if your posts are really important, please wait to next week to make them. I will add to this thread once the transfer is complete. Although, this thread may not appear on the new server so it may actually disappear.

Is ArtMetal going down?

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Is ArtMetal going down? I sure hope not! But we are having some problems. Seems that our current isp is threatening to disconnect ArtMetal for too much usage of the CPU. I received a disconnect email a couple of hours ago stating ArtMetal had been disconnected. Some of you may have experienced this. Luckily, I kept my calm and asked nicely why such an abrupt disconnect when I was trying to correct the problem. Maybe they decided to temporarily turn us on again.

Any Problems with Posting/Comments or Loging in?

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I have been making some changes to the ArtMetal web site interface and would like to know if any of the subscribed members are having any difficulties with posting or adding comments or logging into the site. I've had one user indicating he is having troubles with responding to comments and getting strange subscription notices.

Why Log In to ArtMetal?

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We've recently had to make some minor changes to the timeliness of how blog updates and comments are displayed on the ArtMetal site. Due to the number of visitors we are getting which include bots and real people, the site is using more than its share of computer resources. To alleviate this problem, we are now updating individual pages every six 24 hours for site visitors only. Note that if you log in to your user account you will see up-to-the-minute updates wherever you go on the site.

ArtMetal Core Updates

Just wanted everyone to know that ArtMetal will be going through some updates for the next couple of days. Jamison Kirk (user dikipin) is our Drupal programmer and he has been updating the drupal core and modules to the latest version 4. You should not see any difference in the interface at this point but if you do, please let us know by adding your comments to this post. Once we go into drupal 5 and 6, then you will definitely see changes. For now, you will only be affected if you try to access the site between 5 and 7 am eastern time. Wish us luck and thank Jamison for the help on bringing ArtMetal up to date.

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