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Me being me

I know I have not posted much in the past, been busy but keep checking in. Seems what most of the old timers are doing.

I did this back in August and was waiting for it to air. I am open to all questions or comments. You can fastforward through the commercials.


Here is something I just finished. A little different style for me. I call it a pelican and you can call it whatever you want. Made from 18 gage sheet metal. Right now just a linseed oil mix on it. About 65 inches high.

Too Secure

Why does this site not let you post more than a few posts at a time before it starts holding your posts for the moderators?

You know you are logged in making some comments and then BAM your post disappears to cyber world. So you try it again, and the next day both show up.


I thought I would start a new blog and just do some rambling here, anybody got a good subject? Well since in the video post some items were brough up I thought I would just go on.

Joe you are completely right about having the full menu. I always try to bring an appetizer or two. My restaurant though has the cloth napkins.

Some suggestions

Referring to the post about the site dying there was some input on how to maybe help. I think that one of the areas that most new members do not post is some of the wording and the misunderstanding on how to work this site. I know that over and over again folks are told to read the FAQs. But maybe we should look at the words used now for instance here is what you see when you hit the add content button:


Just another bird

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I made this bird a few weeks back and finally got a chance to take some pictures. Not the best pictures, but at least I have some of it now. My attempt at a Great Blue Heron.
Made from 32 ounce copper, weighs about 55 pounds, wingspan is 60 inches and 39 inches to the top of the head.

Little Bit of Magic

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Well I just finished up this one. Worked on it for the past week and a half. Something a little different. He is 17.5 inches high. All made with the O/A torch and it does get a little anal. I still got to put on some clear the turp, LS and Jap stuff but I am tired and time to relax tonight some. I also need to stop somewhere and pick up a clear glass ball, all I had was some marbles laying around for the grand kids to play with. Black granite base is ordered.

Reddy To Fly

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Some of us when kids dreamed of flying. The guys would think they were Superman, or an airplane and make noise, or just float. The girls thought they had butterfly wings or were a fairy. For me I would put on my WW II flying goggles, as I got ready to step off of a ledge (usually a curb) I would get my feathers.............and dream on.

My fireplace screen

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Well after fourteen years of putting up with an ugly black store bought fireplace screen it was time to make my own. I used some free brass or bronze door kick plates for the cladding. There is a frame work of steel underneath.

Latest Tries

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Here are some vessels that I finished up last week. I tried a few different things.

 First one is a bowl around 11 inches and on a little base. Here I did a little chasing and ended up with a star at the bottom. Patina is a mix of liver of sulphur (LOS) and ammonia chloride. Blue bowlBlue bowl

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