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I enjoy playing with the ideas of knowing technique..but then again also working totally free of preconceived techniques. Here are some quotes to spark imagination. I love the phrase: "tintinnabulation of the merry bells".


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Here is a step-by-step guide for setting up oxyacetylene equipment. It is a really handy reference, good refresher and also a confidence-builder for new users.

Oxyfuel Setup

First check over the condition of the equipment. Are the cylinders chained to the cart? Are the torch valves closed? Are the hoses in good condition?

Intro welding processes

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Here is a Quick comparison of Welding Processes that I thought would be helpful. Written in everyday language. (AKA means Also Known As.)


SMAW: Shielded Metal Arc Welding AKA: Stick, Arc, Rod Burning, Stinger

Hello all. I'm back saying hi.

It has been a while but now I am back on the ArtMetal list. Thinking of Chris Ray tonight and figure it would be good to get back to chatting/listening in with my friends.

A gentle lurking for a while. Good to read of those of you here.

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