new firepit commission.

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I am trying to find out the best rustproofing idea for a firepit commission I have just finished.  It is 3/16 mild steel and will be placed a few blocks from the sea in San Francisco so it will rust.  There is already a nice patina on it which I am keen to keep.  Any suggestions for rustproofing without just painting it.  What oils can I use that will be ok with the fire and not smell too much.  


Some people are telling me to leave it as is as there is no real fireproofing.  I am happy to do that as I am happy with the way it came out but want to prevent rusting if possible. 

Many thanks for any help.


I tried to post more than one pic in here but I seem to have problems posting on this site.  Pics with a fire to follow. 










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fire in the pitcheck out my blog at














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check out my blog at

check out my blog at

It seems like I can't post more than one picture in one post.  Any ideas what I am doing wrong?  

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Hi Michelle, with regards to

Hi Michelle, with regards to posting multiple pictures, it's really no different than posting one. just make sure the picture file size isn't too large, otherwise they won't load onto the site. If you continue to have problems, just contact Rich.

As for sealing your rust patina, I'm not sure it's necessary since it wont be touched. On Grills they often instruct to rub the metal with vegetable oil, turn it on and let it get hot for a bit, let it cool, then repeat the process a few times. Might be a good solution. You just have to remember to tell the clients to repeat the process every year. There is also a High Temp Clear Coat that they use on Engines. you can get these from Auto Supply stores, however, this process won't age as gracefully as the oil.

Hope this helps

Jake Balcom
Mettle Design
Lincoln, NE

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Hi Michele, The guys around

Hi Michele,
The guys around here swear by a mixture of bees wax, linseed oil, and turpentine. But we don't have the salt spray environment problem you do. I've never yet found a good solution to finish for fire tools except frequent use.
But you might try the wax-oil-turp solution on a test piece to see if it hides too much of your patina.