I am new to this site

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I just joined the site after learning about it in the September issue of Art Calender. I design jewelry that incorporates metal clay (fine silver), wire, and sheet metals. I am a certified metal clay instructor; and, I teach primarily in North Carolina.

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Hi Tonya, and welcome to

Hi Tonya, and welcome to artmetal. Can't wait to see some of your work.

Jake Balcom
Mettle Design
Lincoln, NE

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Thank you for taking time to welcome me. I am working on getting some images added to the jewelry gallery; but, I am having trouble uploading files. I thought my file size was too large; but, after reducing them to under 200K they still won't display. Hopefully I can get something up by the end of the week.


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Welcome Tonya....

Can't wait to see your work...I seem to have occasional issues in loading work...you'll get it. SteelyJan

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Welcome Tonya! I'm new, too.

Welcome Tonya!

I'm new, too. There's some videos in the help/faq section that might help. Then, maybe you've already seen them. Be sure to let use know when your work is up.


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