Plasma Cutting Copper and need help show in 4 weeks

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I have a plasma cutter and I have no problem cutting the copper at all. My problem is what is a good supportive surface to use underneath? I can use a large grate but I would like to know if there is anything else that would be condusive to smaller more intricate scroll type work and details. I concidered substrates like vermiculite...sand...gravel...crushed ceramic tile. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and is a #5 shade enough for plasma cutting?

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Plasma Cutting Copper

I cut Aluminum with my Plasma Cutter. I have a piece of 48" X 24" x 1/2" cement board on my table. I hang my pieces off the edge of the cement board.


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thanks about the shades, what do you use to protect your eyes?

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plasma support

I use shade 5 glasses over my prescription safety glasses. You can also get a shade 5 shield instead of a clear shield and wear that while using the plasma cutter.

I find old bar-b-q racks and cut on those until I've cut them apart. Then, I use firebrick on the outer corners of the copper.

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thanks for your reply

thanks that is a great idea. I'll have to keep my eye out for people tossing them out. I'm glad to hear that 5 seems to be ok. I was using 8 and couldn't see much.

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Proper Shade for Use With Plasma Cutter

I am just getting into plasma cutting myself and had the
same questions. There's a welding table on the Miller website that uses a plasma grate made of 1/8" bar set on edge in a frame made of angle. I plan to do all my cutting in my garage with the door open to disperse fumes and to build a simple plasma grate along the lines mentioned above.
As to the Protection shade, I found the following chart online. It looks like shade 5 is a good bet for medium power plasma cutters 40 Amps and less.

Figure 1 - Eye Protection For Plasma Arc Cutting

Current Minimum
Level (Amps)/ Shade Number
Below 20 /#4



60-80 /#8