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I am relatively new to ArtMetal in general. I am looking to learn some on copper and Blacksmithing. I have posted on the blacksmith forum already. As far as cooper goes, I have one book intitled "Coppercraft and silver Made at home". It's a step by step DIY book for simple projects (tea trays, ash trays etc) Anyone have reccomendations on any other sites or books? I found a class locally on sculpture so i will be doing that. Thanks!

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hit used bookstores and keep

hit used bookstores and keep your eyes out for old books on coppersmithing.
There arent too many
I think this was suggested before, but a great general reference on all types of art metalwork is Oppi Untracts book Metal Techniques for Craftsmen.

there is a guy I know who is a full time contemporary coppersmith, and who does beautiful work- John Madarasz.

You might look into workshops on both blacksmithing and metalshaping at the good craft schools- there are several great schools that do short (1 week or so) workshops, with incredible instructors and great facilities.
Not cheap, but well worth it.

check out the schedules for upcoming classes at-

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I wanted to thank you for the tips. Sorry for the delay. I have checked out some of the schools and will continue to look at the rest. All tips and info is always very much appreciated. Thanks again!

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Tim McCreight's book

Tim McCreight's book "Complete Metalsmith" is a nice handbook and source of inspiration. One of my favorites. As far as value for the dollar spent hard to beat. I have Oppi's big book too but actually use it less and it was FAR more expensive.