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I am just getting into Blacksmithing. I recently started reading books on the subject. If anyone has any recomendations on books, I would be appreciative. I am currently reading "The Art of Blacksmithing" and I plan to read "The Complete Modern Blacksmith" as well as "The Backyard Blacksmith". As I said I would love any recomendations. Thanks and lookin forward to exploring posts.

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Where are you located

Depending where you are located you may find some classes to help get you jump started.
Here in Vista CA. we (CBA) have classes for new people on the 1st and 4th Sat. of the month, cost is $40.00 for three weekends. At last count we had 20 students on the 1st and now have 18 on the 4th Sat. You can also check out to locate other groups. Hope this helps.


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Thanks Pat for the info. I

Thanks Pat for the info. I am in New Orleans and with all the art around here you'd think there would be a class or two. I did happen upon a metal sculpture class that introduces you to a few different types of welding, so I may check that out. I have the ABANA site book marked but haven't found anything on there. I may be moving soon however to Georgia and there seem to be quite a few people there. I am anxious to get my hands dirty. Thanks again.

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There is a

There is a metalworker/blacksmith named Nathan Logsdon that lived down in your area, you might look him up on the web and see if he knows of any classes. He's a member on this site and pops in every once in a while.


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Oppi Untracht

Metal Techniques for Craftsmen

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Thanks Visitor I have them

Thanks Visitor I have them written down.

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Maggie, There's a very


There's a very active and enthusiastic blacksmithing group in Louisiana, the Louisiana Metalsmiths Association. They have regular meetings at members' shops with plenty of opportunity to learn. Well worth attending and participating in the "green coal" sessions. You can learn twice as much in one hour working with an experienced smith as yo can in a month of trying it on your own, believe me.

You can find the LA Metalsmiths here: LAMA  Check them out and get hooked up with them, you'll be glad you did. 

Also, welcome to ArtMetal - you'll find that there are a lot of people here willing and able to answer any questions you have.  I've been a metalsmith for the past thirty or forty years and I'm always happy to answer questions, and there are people here who are far better than I am, too.  


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Thanks Rich, I really

Thanks Rich, I really appreciate this.