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Hello group. Just found the site today and signed up. I've been a union sheet metal worker for 33 years now and I'm still learning new skills all the time. The past six years or so I've worked for a commercial kitchen contractor. We install all kinds of stainless steel sheet metal items. One of my specialties is welding/grinding/polishing stainless work tables and sinks. The picture below is me welding on a custom "L" shaped sink and work counter. The project is a horse racing track near Detroit, Michigan. After the pieces were welded together I polished it all back to a #3 finish which has a smooth brushed look. I like working with copper, too. I'll post a pic or two in the future.



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What a great photo! Jeremy

What a great photo!
Jeremy Maronpot

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Steve, I grew up with stainless kitchen counters with built in sink and didn't realize what a great thing they are until I left home..... They are fantastic. From the picture, it is either a pretty big sink or you are a smallish fellow!! Glad you found the site. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your projects....

John Dach
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John, I'm 6 foot tall and

John, I'm 6 foot tall and weigh about 200 pounds. Sometimes with welding you need to be able to get comfortable in small places. The more I can steady my hand doing this kind of work makes for a smoother weld which means less grinding and polishing. I have been certified to weld in nuclear power plants and there are times when the spaces were so tight I had to use two small mirrors to see what I was doing. As I get older, my new bifocals have made welding a challenge.