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Advice for inlays on a blade

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I've run into a problem with a blade I'm currently forging, that I'm hoping someone can help with.
My current project has a vine and leaf design chased/inlayed into the side of the blade(my terminology may be off). The problem I'm having is that I would like to inlay brass or copper into the pattern, but I don't know how to make it bond with the blade steel. If anyone can give me some advice on how to inlay the brass, I would love to hear it.

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Hi everyone. I'm fairly new to blacksmithing, and am learning as I go. Right now I'm at a point that I'm ready to attempt forge welding. Up to now, I've been using gas or charcoal/wood mix in a forge, mostly for lack of material. The problem is that neither seems to get quite hot enough to raise the steel to welding temp.

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