Castable Plastic Inlay for Bronze work ?


Am currently making some jewellery using silicon bronze brazing rods, I have plans to inlay the voids between the adjacent silver soldered bronze 'arms', but am looking for a suitable colourable two part chemical infill that will tolerate without cracking any movement of the metal caused by both ambient temperature variations and flexing caused by wearer misuse.

The voids I intend to infill will also feature other inlaid metal as decoration, so the infill will just be a back ground to enhance the inlaid metal in the voids.

I for this purpose when last doing these pieces fifteen years ago used what was called cold cast enamel, a two part chemical with a colourant, but that kit I can no longer find, so has anyone any ideas of what I am looking for here as a plastic infill, be it a resin or an epoxy ?

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Cold enamel

Gesswein carries Ceramit it is a epoxy enamel