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hi all ! i am sculptor. i 've been cold casting ,resin and in cultured marble. now wants to work in metal but neither have experience nor have foundries which gives facilities to lost wax casting,other than sand casting.that does come to my requirment i know plaster and silicon mould making and wax casting,but have no idea about slurry shell based on which components.or what ratio or component should add into plaster for metal casting? because the place i live plaster for metal casting is'nt avalible accept plaster of again asking how to add sand or etc,to prepare the plaster for metal casting and what ratio? i'll be very thankful for your help. regards shahid

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Shahid If you have not


If you have not already done so go the the Archived Casting Forum. The first entry you will come to is a discussion about plaster based investment formulas between Darrell Chapnick and Bruce Fink. I think this discussion may be of help to you. MikeR

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hi Miker thanks for your advice, hope there i'll find the solution.

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how to join

i am unble to open the posts of the forum related my problem as well to post my tell me how can i?

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Plaster investment information


Place your computer cursor over the archives button on the upper right side of the ArtMetal home page. A drop down menu will appear. Move your cursor down to "Bramblebush" and click on it. A page titled "The Artisan's Workplace and Learning Center" will appear. Move your cursor to "TechTalk Forums (archived)" and click on it. A list of Forums will appear, the top one is "Casting Forum". Place your cursor on "Casting Forum" and click it. The first thread in the list is "Investment Formulas". Click on that title and you will be able to read the dialogue between Darrell Chapnick and Bruce Fink on plaster based investments for casting.

There is additional information in the archive about plaster based investment. Another way to look for that information is to place your computer cursor over "Bramblebush" and a menu to the right of "Bramblebush" will appear. Move your cursor to "casting forum" and click there. A List of all the threads (questions) in the archive will appear. Scroll down to the 1999 period and you will find more information on plaster based investment.

Remember, these archives are closed so you can't post a new question there. You will have to post them on the new ArtMetal website. If you haven't done so you might join the ArtMetal "Casting Group". Hope this helps. MikeR

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Hi Miker
you've really solved my problem ,now i'll just start experimenting in my work hope it will better .As thers's no policy of this site site to give your link but i'll like to share my work with you.
"" .

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Shahid, You have been very,


You have been very, very busy . . .

That is a lot of work, and some very nice pieces.

Gene Olson
Elk River, MN

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hi Gene olson thanks for

hi Gene olson thanks for stopping in and comments. i am pleased you like my work .you mighht'nt believe its half of my work, most i've no record and most to take photographs for soon it'll complete i 'll share with you.

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Investment Casting

Hello Sahid Actually Plaster of Paris is same as #1 Molding Plaster and is fine for Investment casting. I use a standard mix of about 50% sand to 50% plaster and vary the proportions only for exceptions. The sand used is a general blend called Brick Sand here and is commonly used to mix with Portland Cement for concrete and mortar. Nothing fancy at all. The varying sizes of the grain in it are a plus with the coarsest grains being slightly smaller than grape seeds. The mix used next to the body of the wax or surface to be cast are often smaller and would fit through a window screen.

To be more precise, put the words Investment Casting in the artmetal search engine and you will get quite a bit of information on this already written. In addition here are a few other related comments:
On investment casting

On Casting waxes

On comparing Plaster / Sand Investments vs. Ceramic Shell

On Ancient Casting Methods Bruce P Fink


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Nice work


I agree with what Gene said, you have been very busy and have some nice work. I hope you will be successful with metal casting, it can be a challenge. MikeR

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Miker, thanx again for

thanx again for help and comments .its true that you 've brief me each detail of the process that its not a problem for me now. i always get problems with the functions of computer , mobile, digital cameras etc....but my work .... you are right i take it as a challenge just like mountaineer. i could'nt reply you last day because my net was not working.