Memorial sculpture

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Work is progressing extremely slowly on the memorial sculpture. After designing the wings I was determined to have them cut by a local welding shop on their CNC plasma cutter. Gave them a JPEG of what I wanted and they were having a terrible time converting it to an .dxf file. Luckily, my welding class got a new plasma cutter just in time for the last two class dates- It was much more rewarding cutting the wings by hand then having someone else do it... felt like cheating. The cut is rough so I'll form them with a grinder before I weld them to the piston.  Rough cut wings for memorial sculpture honoring a fallen Airmen...rough cut wings: Rough cut wings for memorial sculpture honoring a fallen Airmen...

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I like these wings even better than the ones on your 2004 piece.


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Happy with the design

The wings on my original sculpture where a direct copy of the squadron symbol. I designed these wings myself- using the others as inspiration. I'm excited to see how these turn out.