Non-Metal Sidetrack


Already fired up the next sculpture . . . back to metal :-)

Titanium tricycle - have it all planned and have all the metal.

This is Eve. Needs a base and just a bit of tweaking. "Soaking" for now.
eve 1eve 1
eve 2eve 2
eve 3eve 3
 Eve and studioEve 4: Eve and studio

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It’s very nice but #3

It’s very nice but #3 looks like wood. How did you do that?


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It *is* wood! :-) But I

It *is* wood! :-)

But I forged the gouges for the Ingersoll Rand 172 and 182 chisel scalers myself. Shaped them on the Square Wheel.

Answering this post wearing welding gear.
Titanium takes patience.
It'll be a while . . .