New Projects, Skull and Candle Holder

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New projects my friend and i are working on: "day of the dead" skull and Palm-Tree candle holders.Palm Tree candle holderPalm Tree candle holder"Day of the Dead" skull"Day of the Dead" skull

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I love day of the dead

I love day of the dead images. that skull is just screaming for color!

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any suggestions on color

any suggestions on color Lorianne?

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Sam - i love metal so much

Sam - i love metal so much and cant bear the idea of paint on it (i dont know why, it just seems wrong). i know there are some great dyes and also a technique for layering color on with colored pencils.

i am such a newbie, i have no idea. i havent used anything to put color to pieces other than the torch and liver of sulfur, and those colors seem to muted for a day of the dead piece.

i'm sure there are lots here who would have more informed suggestions.

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ooops! sorry Sam, I

ooops! sorry Sam, I responded but wasnt logged in. the comment should be showing up sometimes soon. :)

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