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One gate down, 2 to go...


installedfinished gatefinished gate.

Customer Gate Update

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Updated progressCustomer Gate Update

Customer Gate

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Customer GateCustomer GateCustomer Gate i'm working on.

Completed Gate


Gate in progress

PROGRESS: Day of the Dead bedframe

So far this is what i have come up with.....let me know what you think!

Day of the Dead Bedframe

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This is a bed frame i'm making: "Day of the Dead" theme.

Not sure if i wanna incorporate copper accents, perhaps use the copper skull in the one picture, or do all steel, OR do some stainless stuff.

Stainless Steel Lily

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Stainless Steel Lily i made. i love welding with stainless!


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Copper Sunflower i started.............please give me some direction.


New Projects, Skull and Candle Holder

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New projects my friend and i are working on: "day of the dead" skull and Palm-Tree candle holders.

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