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Hi everyone. Since moving from the UK to New Zealand, I have been shocked by the cost of just about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. At last I have the space I have craved for years, and have bought a ten acre block with workshops and enough space to do whatever I want... WOW!

Just setting up a large workshop for metalsmithing and general arty stuff... however... the cost of basic materials here is FRIGHTENING to say the least. Also, unlike 'back home' I cant even get scrap stuff, as everything here is treated like gold dust!
I have been busy settling in for four years nearly, and I know I am out of touch with prices, so could any of you good folk give me an idea of what you can get say, copper sheet for? Any gauge, by weight or whatever, just so I can get an idea whether it is better for me to import some or buy local.

I'll give you an idea of the cost here.... I wanted some plumbing pipe (3/4") and was told the TRADE price was $465 NZ + TAX (works out about $380 US) for ONE 15' length!!!!!
Later found I could haggle down to about $100 US. Back home I would have paid about $25 US............. and so on!

The best I can get sheet for is (example) $210 US for a 1mt x 1.2mt x 0.9mm sheet.... or $130 US for the same at 0.5mm

I would appreciate if anyone could tell me what you guys could get this for.


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Welcome to ArtMetal! The

Welcome to ArtMetal!

The cost of non-ferrous metals, in particular, has skyrocketed in the past four years. Check with Atlas Metal Sales to see what we pay here in the States.

I live in the Virgin Islands so I sympathize with your predicament- it's the same here.