Scissor-making in China

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Check out this news story on scissor-making in China.  In the video clip, the smith puts the steel into an old brick forge and heats it - in an induction coil!

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I like it. I have several

I like it. I have several pairs of Chinese scissors. They are indispensable in my shop. I have no idea who made them.

The article warns of something, but I suspect no one hears. Right now, China is mostly making low quality products, much the way Japan was fifty years ago. When I was young, "Made in Japan" was synonymous with "junk". Now "Made in Japan" is synonymous with "high quality". This will happen in China too, and when it does they will rule the world. If the US and Europe don't get rid of the regulations and red tape that has stifled, and almost eliminated, their ability to manufacture, they are going to be economic slaves to the emerging powers in Asia.


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Very true, Richard. The US

Very true, Richard. The US gave away its manufacturing infrastructure starting in the Reagan years and we're going to pay for that short-sightedness in another decade or less. At our present rate of progress we will be the serfs in another generation.

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decline in manufacturing

it's the same here in the U.K. We have lost ship building, mining, steel production, potteries and glassmaking of the highest calibre, textiles and any number of smaller industries including farming.