Two Greats Pass On

I'm sorry to have to report that two of the real greats of metalsmithing just recently passed away.  Jack Andrews, author of The New Edge of the Anvil and other books, as well as founder of Skipjack Press, and Brent Kington, longtime Professor of Metalsmithing at Southern  Illinois University, are no longer with us.  While they may be gone, they will not be forgotten, I'm sure.

I never knew Jack personally, but admired his work and his writing.  He gave a great deal of himself to the blacksmithing community, both in the US and abroad.

Brent was one of my earliest influences in silversmithing and a mentor to Dave LaPlantz, probably the best metalsmithing instructor I ever worked with. 

Both these gentlemen will live on in the works they left behind, the lives and careers they touched and influenced, and the fond memories we have of them.  No one can ask for a better epitaph than that, I think.

Resquiat in Pacem

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My copy of "Edge of the

My copy of "Edge of the Anvil" is falling apart after all these years. I will rebind it soon. Jack Andrews was one of my early influences through his book. One of the postscripts in that book has always been a favorite of mine. I've paraphrased it a bit

I don't want to make a mistake, so I'm not going to try it!
Sit on the riverbank and throw pebbles. This is easier than learning blacksmithing and you will never make a mistake.

I got tiired of throwing pebbles.