Hollywood Opportunity for Blacksmiths

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Hey there, ArtMetal people – I recently received an email from Joey Gemelli of Pilgrim Studios in California.  Joey is the casting producer for a new Discovery Channel TV reality show to be called “Top Engineer” and wanted me to help him get some applicants for spots in the cast.  Joey said he thought it would be really cool if a metal artist could make it onto the show, so he’s looking for artist blacksmiths to apply.  This really is a legitimate deal, not a scam, so I’m passing it on.  It sounds like it could be fun.

Pilgrim Studios is looking for, in Joey’s words, “America’s most creative and daring techies, machinists, inventors and engineers to design, build and BLAST their way to a Grand Prize on their new competition TV show TOP ENGINEER.” 

Most of us who get into blacksmithing are the sort of people who have also do or have done construction, welding, machine work, engineering, electrical work, hydraulics, carpentry, and a whole slew of other things.  In other words, we tend to be generalists and Joey seems to think that would be a really great attribute to bring to this new program. 

So if you think you’d like a shot at being a TV star, maybe winning something and, if nothing else, getting an all-expenses-paid ride to LaLa land to do a screen test, here’s your chance.   Joey even said they’d be happy to fly someone from the Virgin Islands, not that I have any intention of doing it – I just can’t imagine myself on TV, somehow.  I’m willing to bet that you guys who know me can’t really imagine me on TV, either.  (grin)

Here’s the pitch, from Pilgrim Studios flyer about the show:

“No, you don’t need to have an engineering degree to compete on this show, but you MUST be able to design, build, test and integrate an idea into a Final product the WORKS.  These will be fast-paced, hands-on VISCERAL challenges!  If your experience is strictly behind the keyboard, then this show is NOT for you.

We are looking for visual effects experts, accomplished home shop machinists, contractors and engineers with backgrounds in civil, structural or mechanical engineering. 

If you have an outgoing personality and are ready to get your hands dirty for the chance to win a GRAND PRIZE and the title of TOP ENGINEER, then we want to hear from you. 


Email TopEngineerCasting@gmail.com with your name, age, location, phone number, a recent photo and a brief explanation of why you are perfect for this competition show.

Deadline to submit is March 7, 2012.  Applicants must be U.S. citizens or residents at least 21 years of age.  For more information please visit www.pilgrimstudios.com/casting/topengineer


Okay, there you have it.  It looks like a hoot, so get those applications in and don't forget - when you become rich and famous, just remember that I'm the guy who turned you onto it!

Rich Waugh,   ArtMetal Moderator

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Yea, I'd love to see some

Yea, I'd love to see some REAL metal artists showing their stuff on this program! Glad to see you posting it on ArtMetal. We do get around...

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correction on Rich's url ...

it should read: http://pilgrimstudios.com/casting/topengineer/

his original had an extra "p" in it

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Thanks! I fixed the links.

Thanks! I fixed the links.