New Tool for my Apprentice

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I now have an apprentice, a young woman of remarkable intelligence and determination.  Fearless, too. Laughing

She wanted to be able to do small jewelry forging at home on her boat, so I made her a lap anvil.  It was a good opportunity to demonstrate forge welding for her so I forge welded the deep "V" faggot weld for the base.  (Stuck it on the first try, too, luckily.)  The rest is straightforward glue gun welding.  The body is3/8"x3" A36 and the anvil block is A2 heat treated to about 58c Rockwell hardness.  Kelly polished it all up and painted it and loves it.  Made a nice little project for Christmas.

Lap anvilLap anvilLap anvilLap anvil

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Now that is cool...

Now that is cool...

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marilyn I’ve never heard


I’ve never heard of a lap board but it’s clever.