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A few days ago I was at the dumpster and spotted a Lincoln AC/DC 225/125 arc welder that had been tossed. From the visible damage, the thing appeared to have fallen off a truck speeding down the highway. The case was split, dented and mashed, panels torn completely loose, knobs missing, etc. The leads had been cut off as well. Still, I figured it might be useful for parts so I dragged it home.

Well, after four hours of sheet metal work, fixing a broken rotary range selector switch, fabricating a matching knob and soldering new leads in, I tried the thing out. It works perfectly. Not a real big surprise, as these things are noted for being pretty robust, simple machines. Now it just needs one more thing to be complete: a control panel faceplate.

If someone out there has one of these AC/DC Lincoln tombstones, I would tremendously appreciate a good photo of the front panel. I need one that is taken from perpendicular to the front so that I can print it out at the right size, laminate it and put it on the machine. (All the pictures I've found on the 'net have been taken at various angles so they won't allow me to do what I need to do.)

If you can help me out, just email me the photo as a 2MP or better .jpeg and I can work from that. I'd really appreciate it!



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I caught this page on a

I caught this page on a google image search. Looks to be exactly what you nee. If not I have seen them at sears and a few other local big box stores. Grab your cam and go snap a pic.

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I appreciate the effort, but

I appreciate the effort, but that one is the AC-only model and mine is the AC/DC and has a different control panel.

I can't pop into Sears or Home Depot without getting on a plane and flying for four hours - I live in the middle of the Caribbean where we don't have such things.

Thanks for trying,


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Sorry did not realise you

Sorry did not realise you were that far out. My dad has the AC/CD version. And they are in stores around here. If I think of it I will try to snap a pic in the next few days.

BTW I learned to weld on the old AC unit.