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Rebar Gate

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So I have been working on this gate for a while and it is finally finished. This thing is heavy! I used #14 rebar for the frame and 1/2" for the pickets and 3/16" for the wrapped ties. It is finished with a copper sulphate rust patina and an arylic matte clearcoat. The clients just love it and their neighbors are a little jealous. I want to thank this community for sharing ideas as you can see some of the design elements are borrowed from others and some are new. The bolt heads were drops from a local scrap yard that turned out to be tool steel that I could not drill so I had to plasma cut holes in them to weld a lag screw into them to make them work. Lots of extra time that I did not plan on :( In the picture of the snake you can see a reaction from the clear with the copper. It has been fixed and looks better now OOPS!

Lets Have some fun!

Ok everyone I found these at the local scrap yard and I have some ideas of what to do with them but I would like to hear some other perspectives. I think it would be really fun to put something together that has ideas from many people mixed together in a fun way. Don't be shy and post some sketches if you want to. Or if you think this a bad idea you can tell me that too. This is an excercise to get people involved. Thanks

Flower Trio ( recent commission )


Wind Dancer Sculpture


Lazy Cactus

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