Santee Push Dagger and beaded sheath (most recent piece completed)


Howdy gang,

Finally finished the sheath for this bugger. I decided to do something a little different, and made a NA plains style beaded sheath with a rawhide fringe. Here are some pics:Santee Push DaggerSantee Push Dagger






SPD with sheathSPD with sheath








Sheath aloneSheath alone




 I have a bunch more progress pics on the website, for whomever's interested:

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black welding residue on walls

Does anyone know the composition of the black residue that forms on the walls of a welding shop? I rented out my old shop after cleaning the walls and floor, but the new tennant is claiming he has gotten lung problems and blames it on the black stuff still on the ceiling. The ceiling is 24' up and would be very difficult to clean.


web site:

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How does your post in any way relate to the knife I posted? I think perhaps you're in the wrong area of this site.

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Could be carbon soot, etc. Oil residues, dirt, etc on the piece would flare off while welding.

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Beautiful and wicked.

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Thanks, Frank. I put a lot

Thanks, Frank. I put a lot of work into this one, especially that sheath. Did you check out the linked page with more details and pics?

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Hi Michael,
I went to your site and enjoyed the exquisite detail of both the dagger and the sheath.The blended elements of different cultural skills from a great land make your piece a time machine with a soul.
Obviously I like what I see, but I'll wager that when this dagger is touched, many chapters will open. Well done Michael.

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Whew. A time machine with a

Whew. A time machine with a soul? Poetry, man. I wish more people could see these sorts of images and concepts when they look at / feel a piece of mine, but more commonly it's 'Hey, that's really cool'. No matter, I make them for me, and hey, they sell, so it all works out. Thanks for the comments.