Hear ye, hear ye, a knife raffle for a good cause!


I recently found out that a buddy of mine, Brent, has to have a couple surgeries, along with the accompanying meds, etc. He has no insurance, paid time off, or what have you, it's all coming out of his pocket. I imagine many of you can understand or sympathize with this sort of situation. I'm personally in good shape, physically as well as financially, and what the heck, have some unsold inventory sitting around, so, I decided to raffle a knife off to help him out. The raffle is for the Curly Olive Butcher knife: [link=http://www.radharcknives.com/Brent%27s_Raffle.htm]Brent's Raffle[/link]. Retail on it is $343, tickets are only $5, so we need to get at least $400 in tickets sold. I'll run the auction for one month, May 1st through May 31st, 2009, with the winner to be chosen a couple days after the end of the auction. If we don't raise that much, no one gets the knife, but Brent gets the total proceeds. Assuming we raise at least $400, the lucky winner gets the knife AND Brent gets the proceeds. Either way, all the $ goes to him to help him get through this. Come on folks, pony up, I know you can spare it.

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Hey, I'm in! I bought two

Hey, I'm in! I bought two tickets. It's a beautiful knife. For ten bucks you get a chance to have a brautiful piece of work AND give someone else a hand. What could be better?

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Thanks, Rob. Gotcher ticket

Thanks, Rob. Gotcher ticket $. Thanks, and I agree. Besides helping out a fellow, you get a chance to own a knife that you probably couldn't afford otherwise. Plus I get to get rid of a piece that I'm sick of looking at. LOL!

Hey, Janet, where are you? I thought you'd be on this like white on rice, dear. Blessings to you. 

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I'm here and I'm in....

Love that knife....I'll put my order in tomorrow....
I think it's a wonderful thing you are doing for your friend..we had a similar situation at my Hapkido school and they threw a big fund raiser. I couldn't go but instead I donated a warrior woman and they raffled it off!!!
She's now in remission and cancer free....Steelyjan

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Hey, there she is! You keep

Hey, there she is! You keep threatening to buy one, who knows, maybe you'll get lucky. That's pretty cool. Wait, you donated a warrior woman? I'd like one of those, could you send her over to Chicago? LOL!

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Hi Michael,
I sent you a check for a ticket via snail mail. Thanks for doing a good thing for a friend.Brent will be in my prayers.

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Thanks, Frank. It's pretty

Thanks, Frank. It's pretty cool, just in a couple days we've raised almost $300.

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Hey Frank, got the check,

Hey Frank, got the check, thanks.You're entered.

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two tickets for me!!

hello, I'm from Italy but your knife with celtic designs and your good cause have touched straight to my heart.
I bought two tickets with paypal.
Ansuz Roby

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Thanks, Ansuz. Did your

Thanks, Ansuz. Did your PayPal register as MARINA MAZZOCCHI?

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Yes, correct!! she is my wife

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We have a winner!

Hello all,
Well, I was able to finally do the drawing, we raised just a little over $400, and the winner is Janet R of NY. If anyone would like to watch a little vid of the drawing, it's posted here:
Thank all of you for participating!