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Brewer Stair Railing

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Here are a couple of pictures of a stair rail that was installed today. This was the first curved rail that I have done. Lots of learning there. The home owners are happy with the results and that works for me. The center flower and leaves have guilders paste applied over the paint. The panels are from King Metals.

Friday in the shop

Brewer Balcony Rail

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This is a new railing that I started over the weekend. It is about 9' x 2' and is more than a handful for 1 person to move around. I may have to conscript some help on the install. It has to go about 12 feet off the ground. It will be painted a satin black and have gold accents on the leaves and rosettes.

Court House Railing


This is a stair rail that I completed and installed yesterday. It is about 10 feet long. I was asked to come up with a design that complimented the exterior of the building. Everyone was pleased with the out come.

first project since back injury


Built 5 arches and got them installed today

Major pain to do, but everyone liked themstone railingsstone railings

Lorrie, Have you recoved from the Artomatic419 show



I hope the show went well and everyone had a good time. I wish I could be there to help take it all apart. Thanks for your hard work.


Valentine Candle Sticks

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This is the latest in the candlesticks. This was done for my wife Susan. They were made from 3/8" vine textured steel with forged leaves and candle cups. The base come apart so that they can be used separately, if need be. Susan loves them, but then again she is a little predigest about my work.

hand Rail Design

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Here is a drawing I did for a small 3 step hand rail. Space constraints drove the design size pretty hard. I'm just waiting on approval and some help. Mostly approval, help is pretty easy right now.

New Easel

Saturday was a nice day and there were chores that needed to be done at the shop. While Susan was choring I fired up the forge and built this little easel. 3 pieces of 5/16" vines solid bar 16" long and a 12" piece forged out for the stop. I tried some penny feet. I failed gloriously.

A little time at the shop

Over that last few trips to the shop, I have been working on this little item. It's not quite finished yet. I plan to put a brown finish on it. then clear coat it with lacquer. It least I got some forge time.

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