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Creative Metalsmithing hands on workshop

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The first workshop I have given in my studio has come to an end. I have to say that it was a true pleasure giving this workshop, not for the money, but because of the students, their individual projects, and their enthusiasm.

The Clock is Tickin'

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As some of you know, I recently returned from Peru where I gave a series of workshops/seminars to metalworkers in Lima. I had a great opportunity to take some personal time after the workshops to visit the sacred site of Machu Pichu - an Inca ruin. I've always had a great desire to learn more about ancient civilizations, especially Mesoamerican civilizations. Somehow, I've always thought that they had knowledge of this reality which we, in our egocentric material world, do not realize we have.

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My Peruvian Odyssey

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I recently went to Peru to give a seminar on blacksmithing techniques to the local peruvian metalsmithing community. The seminar was sponsored by Aceros Arequipa - the main steel manufacturer in Peru. This video includes my experience of the traffic, sightseeing, visiting blacksmith shops, the seminar, and even my travels to Cusco, Aguas Calientes, and Machu Picchu. There is no narration, but there is some really nice Andean music, still photos and live video included in this movie.

Sharing Knowledge in Peru

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5th International Blacksmith Seminar 2007 Peru
I'm heading over to Peru next Saturday and will be giving a seminar which is sponsored by Aceros Arequipa, a steel manufacturer in Lima.

The Marsi Chandelier Part 2 - Hot Forging & Forge Welding

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The second part of this video documentary covers blacksmith techniques for hot forging 1" solid steel bar into large leaf forms. In the second half of the video, I demonstrate the forge welding of these leaves into cluster sets of three.

New Layout On My Personal Web Site

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Blacksmith web site showing metal art


I updated my personal web site this past week to include a blog and podcasting to document some of the more interesting commissions in an educational format to share with visitors of the site and other blacksmiths desiring to learn my approach to metal art. I hope you will enjoy the new layout of the site. It's at http://enrique.artmetal.com

The Marci Chandelier Video Part 1

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This video is the first in a series I will be producing showing the making of the Marci Chandelier. The video goes into the hot forging and bending of tubing for the arms of the chandelier. Hope you enjoy the 8 minutes!

Designing a Wrought Iron Chandelier

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Chandelier Preliminary Sketch
This is a preliminary sketch of a chandelier for a client. I thought I would share with you one of the commissions I am currently working on. After communicating with client about her desires for a chandelier, some of the revealed points of interest to use in the design for the chandelier are; curvilinear/nature theme, leaves which will tie into a double tree trunk dining table design which will be under the chandelier, and the leaf design will also be incorporated into the railings which are in the same room. Now that I know that the client loves this design, I will be adding further details to show the actual light fixture, and lighting which will be added to the lower cluster of individual leaves.

Decorative Wall Sconce

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Wall SconceI recently had a visitor who left a comment on the blog article "My Bathroom Remodel Project." S/he was desiring to see some more of my wall sconces.

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