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This is a list of most of my larger metalworking equipment I have for sale. Some of it is practically new while other pieces are used. Everything I am selling does work. It may have some dust on it but it will clean up just fine. My shop has a partial dirt floor for cutting, grinding, and ease on the feet, but it does raise dust and that is why some of the equipment looks dusty.

The prices listed are for local pick up. If you are not able to come to the shop to see the equipment and would like to buy it, give me a call at 919-367-7233 and let me know what you are interested in. I will then check pricing for packaging and shipping to your location. All transactions are cash or PayPal web transaction.

Note that I have way to many small tools including hammers, grinders, clamps, coal, and new steel to list here. If you are a blacksmith in need of tools, you really should come by the shop. I'm available most afternoons and evenings during the week and on weekends. Call and lets set up a time to come out.

Tig/Stick Miller Syncrowave 180 SD Welder $800
Scotchman CPO-350 14" cold saw $2,300
25lb Little Giant Mechanical Power Hammer $2300
8 Burner Gas Forge $1,300
6 burner Gas Forge $350
Antique Working Auto Feed Drill Press $450
Double Spindle Polishing Unit $200
Bench Grinder $90
Punch Press (controlled depth) $450
Fisher Anvil $500
16 Speed Floor Drill Press $200
Industrial Blast Cabinet With 3 Doors $250
14" Four Speed Woodworking Bandsaw $90
3 Phase Converter (25 hp motor) $150
Twisting Machine up to 2" solid round $250
Post Vise $125
Lots of small tools, coal, new steel, must come by shop & see!
Pictures of all these items are at:

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Enrique, Having long admired

Having long admired and been inspired by your metal work..........this is a sad day. Wish I was closer..........I see quite a few tools I'd LOVE to have in my shop. But your twister and 6 burner forge top the list. ........
Hope this finds ya doin well......
take care,

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UPDATE: As you can see the

UPDATE: As you can see the strike-throughs above, just about everything has been sold. Thanks to everyone for spreading the word...